Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Kakak camillia's bday.

It has been so long since I last blog. Of course so many things has happened. On the day I had the scene with my neighbour something else happened too. The feeling was indescribable. Like being in an emotional rollercoaster. Elated and then heart wrenching. Ok enough about that.

I promised to blog about poor kakak's bday party on the 4th of July.

For kakak's bday the theme was Wii Party. We've done costume, princess, pool so dah kehabisan idea. And since baru beli wii- we thot wii partylah

DH was to do Pinata of kakak's mii ( a character in wii) since Art is his majorkan..altho jarang he drew anything besides nudes ( apparently according to Mak z's my MIL's specialty too - shock horror- mm is it ok to blog about this).

For kakak's cake I thot I'd do a Chocolate mud cake draped with marshmallow fondant.Baked the cake, prepared meat/ chicken pies, marinated lamb and chicken the day before. MIL came and helped with Laksa Johor.

Actual day I spent half a day decorating the cake. We ( camillia and I) thot of following the theme- Mii character on the cake then decided to put the camelia flower instead- although it looked more like roses than camelias. Camillia helped me with the small roses- hahaha kesan bday girl. The mushroom sauce and spagetti bologna pun buat that day. Maid (rolling my eyes) dah membebel kenapa tak buat the mushroom sauce awal because it had to be on the stove for four hours. Previously Chef wan's recipe did take 4 hours but I've modified it and managed to do it in an hour - hahaha and tasted the same. Rahsianya- nak tuntut - kena belanja San Francisco steakhouse's melt in the mouth tenderloin new york cut in Subang Jaya. Hahaha.

By three, kakak's friends dah datang. Since it's kakak's and my favourite past time and since we both sell our creation to friends and family,We had beading contest. The boys played wii. Then opps no electricity.. which is like alamak.. have to find alternative games.
We had the pinata outside and the kids lined up only to find the pinata fell down before it broke to pieces. hahaha. So berebutlah..
One boy, Zul, from kakak's class came, which is a bit weird since I remembered writing out girls' name on the invitation cards. A few days after the party I sent kakak to extra class and when I picked her up she said class was postponed and when I asked what she did throughout the time, she said Ulangkaji dgn Zul, which got my hackles up. Mmm I know tak sporting betul mama.

Zul was interviewed by both my Mum and MIL. Hahaha .
Mak B came with nasi lemak. Thank you!
Lana came and saved the day! She called TNB and electricity on apa lagilah. Continued with wii games- Wii fit balance games and then terkinja2 with we cheer, Dance Revolution etc. Lana, Izreen, and Nadine won the contests.

Thanks all for making it a fun day.


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