Tuesday, July 28, 2009

#$$@@ !

I feel so strongly about this I just have to blog. I hate pengecuts , cowards. A neighbour of ours insinuated that we deliberately run over their cats. Bodoh ke apa? When the confronted she sd she did not accuse us, adding that my husband once ran over her cat. Once yes.. People make three point turn at our house as it is at a cul de sac.. Can be anyone.

I have issues about these cats for such a long time. Scratching furnitures, trying to 'beranak ' at our hse, crapping at lawns and the gate.Ok that is the nature of cats.. granted. But we neighbours have to put up a lot.I tak tergamak nak buang kucing (one of the neighbours actually did this) let alone langgar deliberately. Hello.. kalau sayang sangat buatlah kandang not a beautiful cat hse with no ventilation. ( she has a beautiful one mcm dog hse kat belakang). Bodoh pun ada jugak!

When confronted she said she did not accuse us..

She told my neighbours

Saya tak tuduh awak dan awak. agaknya sebab kucing kita berak dekat rumah dia.
Then sd my husband knocked down her cat once.

When confronted, she accussed of the neighbours spreading lies, shouldnt listen to them etc.. when I came with the neighbour- tak nak kluar rumah.. Hahaha.. She sd I'm mad- pompuan gila she called me..

The cats do not move when cars approach, even when you blared the horns on them. I made sure I didnt knock them. You know about pets and their owners how they look alike. I guess dumb cats equals to..

That's it no cats! In the meantime the cats and their craps are going back to the owners gate. I will personally make sure.

I usually hate confrontation - My boss used to tell me I was too soft with my staff, once my boss suruh marah sorang it took all the energy out. I just hate it so I dont do it often. I just cant stand people talking behind backs.you have issues with me tell me to my face. Of course she made out as if I'm the unreasonable one. Am I being unreasonable? Such small matter - bak kata anak dia yg has more sense than the mother. Her husband sd I should respect her bcoz of her age.. Being older of course shes supposed to be wiser. Opps lupa wise tak ada dlm vocab dia.

On the positive side.. I have made it clear to the husband - jaga kucing 2 tu betul .. no berak merata2 and I'm not the only neighbour complaining.

Hahaha mcm scene kat Desperate Housewives.

Positive thing came out of this.. Next time jaga mulut dia - jgn selalu perli2, she often does this but we ignored her. And I hope no more cat craps!


Eda said...

haiyo. dgn kucing ni memang tension. I dulu pun kucing liar asyik masuk and kencing berak in my compound. ada sekali siap beranak in my kitchen. luckily they didn't belong to any neighbours.
orang yg unreasonable ni selalu rasa org lain yang salah, bukan dia. anyway dah sebulan, dah ok ke?

Rose Belle said...

I've worked at a place that there was so much backstabbing and gossiping, the morale was pit bottom. When you work with such people, it's not healthy at all because of the negative energy in the environment.

Minahsongeh said...

Eda- dah ok.
Rose Belle. You are right!

Smart said...






















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