Saturday, May 16, 2009

Giant Surprise

I think this experience is blog worthy. Kakak was to go for Qiamulai at school yesterday and the school wanted parents to contribute food. I thot probably banyak mee hoon or nasi gorengs so I thot I'd contribute cupcakes and pizza. Hahaha. Camillia's mother is way too ambitious.

The day before DH asked if we should go to Giant to buy the ingredients but me thinking lama lagi..said nantilah.. as my parents in law were suppose to come and entah apa lagi in my mind.

Yesterday around three barulah nak pergi Giant. Camarina was with me. Ok.. Luckily I told kakak to stay home as she was suppose to go at 5.45. Mama reached home pun around 5.30.

So kat Giant, sibuklah bought the ingredients for pizza- mozarella cheese, roti arab, pitta bread- for the base- hahaha no way will I have time to do the dough or so I thot..- and ingredients for cupcakes as well. Then- as I was out of books- well fiction anyways- I still have a few of Brian Tracys not read yet, I thot I'd buy mags- books at Giant ni not many choice- pi lah

After paying for the mags, suddenly I found my shopping cart missing. First I was disappointed - lah kena beli balik- buang duit aje etc.. then I got angry..hey this thief shouldn't be far as I turned my back just a while tadi.. so I went searching for trolleys. Nearing Poh kong I saw mine. Apa lagi I grabbedlah and shouted at the man.

Hey! What do you think you are doing This is my shopping Cart!

dah macam singa aku dah..

You want me to call security on you?!!

I am sorry

What do you mean you are sorry How can you just take my cart

I am sorry

tu aje words he managed to mumble.

Marah marah jugaklah but I thot he looked pathetic there.. so I just went..

Of course I created a scene there but I didn't care. People just stare ..

Syukur alhamdulillah I had my shopping cart back but I was really pissed off with this mamat. Zuriati yang jarang mengamuk- selalunya mengamuk with loved ones aje.. hehehe..

memang I jarang mengamuk, kalau my staff dulu buat salah.. muka ajelah masam but I rarely marah. but in my late 30s and early forties ..ahem ni.. macam singa betina sikit.

On the way back I thot kenapalah this man ambik my troli- he was eating ice cream at the time- accidently ke.. There was another one there but he couldn't have accidently taken it- as mine was not full but with more things compared to the other. Maybe he was hungry- then I thot...

lah.. 'pandai' jugaklah mamat ni. With every thing there I am sure to find it. He was leisurely taking a stroll with my shopping cart!! Hahaha not an experience thief...

Balik lepas membebel to whoever wanted to hear - buatlah cupcake. Since buat smaller ones -took time jugaklah dengan icing lagi.. gambo tak ada tak sempat!! Hahaha pizza tu makan esok ajelah.. DH left without me. So I took them later - pi with Tina and Camarina. Reached there ceramah ugama in progress. After solat Hajat we headed home.

Below are some photos from Brother in Law Epi ( shila- superwomanwannabe's husband) birthday on 3rd May


Lan0stZz said...

that guy is weird! saja nak sakat u kot. peminat dari jauh? haha btw lovely pictures. TQ kak zu.

MAMAMIA said...

Eh, ada aje org nak ambik kesempatan ... I pun biasa gak singgah kedai beli mag/suratkhabar, leaving my shopping cart unattended. Lepas ni nampaknya tak boleh lah buat lagi. Never crossed my mind ada org nak curi our groceries....

Minahsongeh said...

sakat I.. I dont know about that!Kalau peminat pun baik mintak autograph..hahaha minat pun tak tau kenapa..

Minahsongeh said...

Yelah, mamamia, never crossed my mind too.
Alhamdulillah I got them back.

Some said I sepatutnya heret dia kat security sebab sure dah pernah buat before this and what if dia buat lagi kat someone else .My husband thot I did the right thing, tho dia marah I tinggalkan them unattended.

Tapi believe it or not altho mmg marah ada pulak crossed my mind, si pencuri ni lapar ke.. Actually dia tengah makan ice cream at the time.

Nur said...

kak zu..ada jugak org camtu ekkk..agaknya dia terliur tgk mozarella cheese tu kot..kekekekeke..

tp i admit it IS hard to imagine you to get are too NICE!

Charms Allure said...

yelah Noni.. Agaknya yelah mozarella tu..

hahaha..dah tua ni fuse agak short.

RH said...

hehe,I sendiri pernah tersilap ambik troli orang,but belum bayar kat dalam. malulah juga.

Minahsongeh said...

tersilap tak pa

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