Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Trip to Land of Kepok Lekor

Crystal Mosque

This entry is way overdue. Shila has posted hers eons ago.

We went to Terengganu on the Sunday, 14th March. DH's uncle Dr Khalid lead the way.He had drawn up itinerary - jgn mare- of what to see and do. On the way to KT we stopped at Kemaman where it poured so heavily. The Sata was good. Tina, who loves kerepok lekor was excited when I told her we were visiting Land of Kepuk Lekor. As soon as we got to Kemaman she didnt want to eat anything but kepok lekor. Keropok heaven for Tina!!

We thot of going to see turtles at Rantau Abang but they've closed by the time we got there. The kids played had fun playing in the rain.

Reached Atok B's house at night, after change of clothes, went out dinner under the bridge.. Yummy yummy food!
The next day we went to Pasar Payang, where we spent almost a whole day - ordered keropok lekor, bought caftans, kain batiks etc. We had lunch at Nasi Padang place.

Then we went to Atuk's resort by Sg Marang. Lovely resort, facing the river. The kids loved it - they went for second ride in the speed boat, while we, the adult were in a slow boat. It so peaceful and calm.

Malam we had barbeque. Grilled chicken, big big squid.

Day 3

Woke up early to go to Tasik Kenyir which is an hour's drive. Sampai aje we were all mesmerised. Emerald green lake..very beautiful..We got into a very well equipped boat- siap dengan dapor and - dua tingkat.. at the top siap ada pillows and mattresses.

We had breakfast on the boat then off sailed to Air terjun Lasir

Tina asked.. Are we going to Hongkong? Probably because the boat looked like the ones moored kat Hongkong.

The boat ride was heavenly, emerald green lake, trees of contrasting greens, clear blue sky.

Sampai the waterfall, my camera ran out of juice, wah!!!
Sampai sana, couldn't resist, altho I brought my ehem, muslimah swimwear, terjun jugak with complete attire. Then sibuk nak tukar into the swimwear, oggled by some yucky youth yang jakun tengok makcik tua tukar baju disebalik kain.

The water was so cold, that we had to sunbathe sekejap ( and the sun so hot), then dipped in again. Best sangat...

Ada ikan - or was it belacak?, and quite strong currents (waterfallkan!!), the stones were slippery. Tina slipped a few times. Difficult to gauge the depth of the water. A bit dangerous for kids. But we found a perfect spot where we could dip.

The current strong, Shila and I thot we'd, u know sit by the moving water ala jacuzzi. Best sangat until Tina joined us and got swept away. Mama and Baba grabbed her and then both of us - naik, enough swimming for the day.

We headed back to the boat, had maggie mee cooked in the dapur. Again Tina happy, as she loves Maggi and I usually say no to her requests.

On the way back to KT we went to see the biggest pheasant farm. Macam2 ada. We got a few peacock tails for free..

Malam- makan steamboat..Yummy!!

Last day

Morning the kids and daddies went to the beach. Tina tak habis2 tanya ..When are we going the beach.. Yelah so near yet so far. Tok busu girl, Shila and I went To Pasar Payang to collect our RM200 worth of keropok lekor!!

Then off to Taman Tamadun Islam.

Tina joined in the search for Marbles competition, she came third. Camilla, Camarina, Dahlia, Johan , Nadine , Sara, Sophia, - the fishing competition. Sophia got first, Camillia and another girl shared second place.
Tina won Third place

The Taman Tamadun Islam is good. I loved it. Masjids and Monuments from all over the world- Masjidil Haram, Masjid Nabawi, The Dome of Rock, where there is the rock that follow Nabi Muhammad SAW - Israk Mikraj, The Taj Mahal, The expensive gold covered dome, masjid from Brunei, The Alhambra.. So beautiful...
Dome of Rock


Taj Mahal

Crystal Mosque
Then off to Kl. Sampai 4 o'clock pagi and then two hari demam.

Kakak and Camarina went To Perak with DH.

Below are videosof the excursion

Gua tempurung.. sounds scary but exciting. There is a water inside, and want to go..
click here.


Dad of 4+1 said...

the thought of hvng 2 drve 7 hrs with 5 kids always put us off unless go for 10 days n break journey in between. we've been 2 gua tempurng- nice but not to the undrgrnd rvr.

Charms Allure said...

Yes.. It is rather long ride..ponek dengar..r we there yet. Usually we do break..either at Kluang- ikut jalan jauh..or Kuantan. This time ikut Dr Khalid's itinerary.

Lan0stZz said...

alamak bestnyeee. i nak pergi jugak lah. recommend dok brape hari ek baru puas jalan?

Charms Allure said...

Do berapa hari 4 days ok kot