Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Geng weekend

On Saturday I went to medical aesthetics at Bukit Kiara. I thot I'd park my husband and kids at Mak Mas'. Kenapa pompuan ni pi apakebende dia atas tu you'd ask.

Well I've a got a lot of skin tags and it's bothering me. Vain potnya. Dulu I have this massive tahi lalat, mole at my back and it realy realy itched, and of course a few tags at my neck that really got in my nerves.. sampai tersangkut necklaces and they hurt. So I got rid off them. But the darn thing kept popping back.. and banyaklak tu kat muka.

Conversation with my five year old Tina

Mama banyaklah dots kat muka

Senang Tina buat dot to dot

Mama pilah kedai buangkan nanti mama jadi cantik

Kurang asamnya anak. Mana pulak Tina tau ni

Tina tengok dalam TV

Sigh ( ada lagi satu lebih kurang similar conversation but about losing weight)

Nak buat camno. It's in the genes. My dad used to have it, his sister has lots. And I started to have it after pregnant with Camillia. My siblings tak dapat pun!!

When baru started working I went to CN beauty kat Ampang Point, for facial and the lady told me she saw lots of dots on my face under the UV light and recommended titanium dioxide for sunblock. Yeah right I thought..nak jual barang kat aku lah tu.. Well she was right..

Arwah Abah went to have his lasered. oklah.. So I thot I'd give it a try. And so I went to this clinique. The woman said the laser would have to be done at Mont Kiara Hospital. So she recommended apa kebende doktin.. anyway that's what she pronounced lahkan. So she did them.

I came out with white dots on my face, which turned red, mak mas thot I had chicken pox ke apa.. and now black before it supposed to drop off. I hope they drop off before Saturday.

We had yummy dinner at Mak M's. Thank you Mak Mas!! Bebudak drooling over cats.


After brunch, we went to Sunway Pyramid to see Geng. Best gila.. Betul betul betul..

The animation superb
Jalan cerita not bad. And the kids enjoyed it. we almost didn't get to see it. Ramai betul!!
Congratulations Les' Copaque


Nur said...

kak zu, hopefully all ur moles will be gone! POOF!!

upin & ipin mmg best!kitorang nk tunggu CD jer sbb x ready lg nk bwk yana g movie..a lil older perhaps but not now...takut dia meraung karang x psl2..

Charms Allure said...

HAha noni... yes rasa mcm vainnyalah pulak.

Mmmg kena beli CD.

I remember masa bawak budak2 gi Cinema. Masa stahun and dua thn plus tu mmg dia tak boleh dok diam. Asyik nak merayau aje.. We used to seat dekat tempat yang budak boleh berlegar sikit.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hey Zu...wah ni berita besar ni...dah clear ke?

Charms Allure said...

Clear ..MMM?

MAMAMIA said...

Is it working? I pun ada macam oily spots under my eyes, ikut my mum. Have been thinking of getting rid of them, tapi tak sure nak buat kat mana.

Upin & Ipin ni belum gie tengok lagi. Heard its 3D, betul ke?

Minahsongeh said...

Yes mamamia. It worked. Tapi yang besor2 tu mcm kena pi balik. Anyway mine was banyak sampai dua org kena buateach satu pipi.

Betul betul betul.. 3D and mmg best!!

Anonymous said...

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