Tuesday, November 25, 2008

DH's birthday and Cameron Highlands Trip

On Saturday 22nd DH celebrated his 40th birthday. We had a small gathering- makan steak, lamb and grilled chicken. Ada gambo, but just now my phone hang so I had to reset it.. entah kemana the gambo gone, along some of photos from Cameron. Sigh..

Speaking of Cameron, . At first we thot Tina's concert was on that Saturday, oklah after concert pi, then we found out the concert was on Sunday,16th .. alamak..we thot of postponing the trip and tukar venue but Lana dpt the bungalow. As this is not genting - where u can actually do a day trip back.

Asked DH, he said ...- up to me. Tina's teacher pun put Tina in two dances, - dissappointed kalau Tina tak dance. In the end I asked Tina.. hehehe bagi budak kecik buat decision - apalah mama dia ni.

At first she said concert, but when I told her Aunty Shila, Uncle Epi and cousins will be there, Aunty Lana, Haikal, uncle Helmi, Aunty Mimi, Yusuf and uncle Ablen, Aunty Atty -she immediately said Cameron.Oklah Tina, maybe next year.

That out of the way we thot nak pi awal .Tengok kakak and adik had to attend the anugerah kecemerlangan- outstanding in English. Pi jugak after the prize giving ceremony.
We reached CH dah petang , and it was drizzling. Terus pi bungalow. The bungalow was so lovely. It has three rooms, two with double beds and one with two single beds with lots and lots of bay window -i love bay windows- click @
  • Lana's blog to see the rooms.

  • We cooked fish head curry, I brought some rendang and sambal, and shila fried chicken.

    The next morning breakfast nasi goreng, sausages and off to Mardi .

    Below English garden

    The gardens - lovely, the English and Garden of Herbs especially. I love the various 'omputeh' herbs, yang jarang nampak pokoknya kat Malaysia like Tarragon, Dill, Fennel, Feverfew, Catnip, Thyme, Rosemary, Lemon Verbena- ada juga other herbs like basil/daun selasih,chives, serai wangi, oregano, stevia,parsley,mint. I'll be putting the properties of these herbs soon in my pureflower blog. Fennel and Dill

    And finally I found the flowers that I thot Lavender-it's called blue salvia
    Below Camillia with camelia

    what do we think of the Mardi place.. oklah.. could be better. I expected to buy some of these herbs, tak ada pun. I bought a pot of roses- apa lagi, my favourite flower, grape and camelia.
    Ada juga pokok apples and pears di dalam pagar- Buah pears di dalam pagar..ambil galah.. apakebende nak tengok dekat pun tak boleh and the apples banyak yg dah jatuh tak ada org kutip, ish, ish.. Also there were sad selection of vegetables on sale and dried strawberry. the orchid house were locked- on a Sunday? when u expected visitors?

    Next we went to Barrat tea shop- makan scones, jam brownies mcm omputeh..except that banyak lalat. Someone commented the scones dah stale. the kids and able bodies semua turun , Shila and I stayed kat atas.

    Afterwards Shila and I went for lulur and urut- marinade for the barbecue..hehehe our body smelled like rempah..oh so sakit..urutnya.. nak tido jgn pi traditional massage.

    Malam makan besar. Barbecue. Ada rusa , chicken, ketam rebus, Steam fish, Pais Bawal , mee hoon ... After that rounds of mercun. Best betul!!

    Some of the photos are taken from Atty's facebook.. Hehehe.. ada copyright ke?

    The next day we had breakfast early, Toasted cheese sandwiches with leftover barbecue- yummy!! curry puffs and also chicken nuggets. makan aje.. Nampaknye kita pun mcm org pi PLR jugak...

    After breakfast we went to Raju's strawberry farm. We had yummy strawberries and cream, chocolate covered strawberry ice cream, kakak had strawberry Lassi, Lana had strawbery milk shake.. , then we went down kononnya nak pi Rose valley but went to pasar -I bought roses- 5 bouquets- ada dlm 5 roses each bouquet for RM10, yg I took photo of but lost. Bought Honey comb and lots of veggies, also, Apple guava-- ok gak.. looked like big apple and taste like guava.

    Next to Butterfly Farm. even tho we went to the farm the last time we went to Cameron-under vacation- the kids enjoy themselves looking for camouflage insects- grasshoppers looking like leaves/sticks, frogs looking like leaves.etc..

    Haikal especially love the rabbits, ducks, turkey, goose and hens. Cqistina of course fascinated by the butterflies yang jinak2. Although some wings broken cian!

    After that balik Sepang!!


    Helena said...

    wah best jugak kan kalau pegi cameron cuti ni.... wheather pun cool aje kan......

    Jinak jer butterflies tu..... sure budak2 tu geram....hehe

    Minahsongeh said...

    Yes perfect weather - siang tak panas but mlm mmg sejuk betul.

    My kids mmg geram dgn butterflies tu. I asked them to handle carefully tho, very fragile things.

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