Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ebay course, Melaka

So long since I updated my blog. Ingatkan dah dok rumah ada masa nak blog. Ambik anak, hantor anak, buat website, update inventories, attend to contractors etc tak sompatlah nak update.

Ebay course

Interesting. Although some of the things I have done before going for the course. Such us registering with ebay , paypal and listing for selling ( I have listed two items ebay malaysia ( my paypal account not verified, you have to get it verified to sell ebay US/UK etc- free and tak ada takers- according to Ryan ebay malaysia ni ramai joy bidders. Boli tu mmg dah lama as I used to buy exercise tapes from ebay - 8 years ago, when they had bidpay instead of paypal and sometimes i had to send bank draf over to the US.

There were videos of powersellers of the ebay. Ada this 26 yr old hongky guy who sold his first item- a toy car. He bought the car retail- tak tau kat mana nak cari wholesale - bought them for 20 HKD and sold them for 20usd made 600% profit. Jual from his bedroom aje lak tu. Now he has a warehouse full of the stuff. Inspiring.

Here are the things I learnt from the course

1. I can use the Public bank debit card to withdraw the money that the buyers pay thru paypal.

This is new to me as from the paypal website kata Malaysia have to withdraw from US bank account. Nak bukak US bank account I have no idea.
2.We were given a template to sell.

3. We can use Ebay Turbo lister software- free for listing purposes.
4. End listing during peak hours. US time- around after dinner. ( i used to stay up dulu to bid on certain item)
My brother has a friend who is an ebay addict. Masa working hours you can see him bidding for items. I also found out that items yang ada the word antique or vintage sells really well- One guy sold an old vase and tengok it's a ming and the vase went for millions. May be I should rummage my moyang's kampung house. So friends- ada benda terpakai you want to get rid of.. sell them on ebay.

Is it safe to buy from ebay? Mostly ok. I have bought several items of ebay- more than 30 I think. So far so good. Ebay has a system whereby you can leave feedback to the seller. If you choose those seller with lots of positive feedback you'd be all right.

Cuti cuti Malaysia

Cuti sekolah we went to Melaka. To Afarmosa again. The last time we went was when DH's ex Sdara's reunion- I remember Dadofour, Haq sang there , Tina patted the albino python then, we took photo with the tiger. This time around we stayed for 2 nights. Oklah RM500 ++ for2 nights including breakfast, safari and carnival.

We checked in at 4 pm on Tuesday, after maghrib went to the carnival at Cowboy town. Room Oklah.. ada 2 double beds, kitchen .

At the Carnival -ada beruk naik basikal, acrobatic dog, dancing elephants. The kids enjoyed it. Tengok 4 D movie..masuk lambat sikit- bcoz mulanya too early. OKLAH but it was expensive for a half an hour show.

The next day we went to Melaka town. , the big Stadthuys ,- maritime museum, Botanical garden. We took a beca from the Menara Taming sari- revolving tower to the the clock tower-Stadthuys . Kakak and Adik especially like the dutch governor's residence. Kakak baru belajar history. Tina pulak bored and mengadu panas. So Tina and baba dok at one corner , while the three of us went around the museum. Lepas tu pi cari beaded shoes.. cantik!!, then we went to the botanical garden and the maritime museum.

The next day , we went to a Farmosa's Safari. Finally we got to go the Safari part. The last time we missed. hehe..Animals roam free while us humans caged in the lorry....

Camel- lia

Tina enjoyed Pony and elephant ride. Kakak and adik went for the Camel ride.We skipped the bird show as we went to the show before- found it better than the one in hongkong. We went to the multi animal show, Cow boy show and elephant show instead. Cow boy show was so so. Last time we missed the show- this time we found out we didn't miss much. But the multianimal show and elephant show was as great as before. There were two paintings drawn by the elephants, I thot- impossiblelah dia draw especially one particular painting yang looked like a tree. But the elephant reproduced the same painting.. Wow.

We reached home around 9. Adik cried.. already she missed Melaka..

Melaka was charming. We did the tourissy things. Still we could have planned our day at the town better. Lain kali we would go to the park, mini malaysia etc first masa tengah paneh terik tu and then go to the town proper.
A farmosa resort mmg best. Of course ada room for improvement. We especially like the Safari. Dulu rasa mahal but of course there those shows and also the animals are friendlier..datang kat u..Kalau pi zoo, animals are half asleep or somewhere - puehlah jengkit- giraffe, lion ..sebatu Farmosa the animals pi near you. This time around tak ambik gambo dengan tiger, Dh and kids ambik gambo with albino python. Mama..?.cukup ambik gambo dari jauh aje..


Dad of 4+1 said...

Aiyo...that was an embarassing rendition for me....Jadik bidan terjun.

Anyway, Eid Mubarak...and ask Epa to drive safely!

Minahsongeh said...

Mana embarrasssing.Sedap suara boleh masuk Akedemi Fantasia.

Thank you and Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin

A.Is said...

Kak Zu. i dunno that they have ebay course.

since when yang kita boleh withdraw paypal money from public bank nie...

Minahsongeh said...


Since when tu I tak sure tapi baru lagilah. You can also use Ambank debit card for Paypal tapi tak boleh withdraw. So far only Public Bank boleh withdraw.

A.Is said...

Alamak nak kena activekan account public bank la camnie....
lama dah tak guna account nie

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