Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Camarina, Camillia , Reading

Camarina, eversince discovering poems has been writing them . Dulu she started off with stories, some of the stories she wrote include,

1. Jangan Buka Pintu,

2.Key Island- macam treasure Island jugaklah and she got her ideas from her dreams,

3.Hantu Laut,

4.Anak Derhaka and Anak Soleh,

5.Eleven Dancing Burgers.

Sometimes she'll tell me stories, bila kakak dah fed up dengar. I heard whatshername- JK Rowlings sister had to endure J's stories masa kecik. Kalau dah besor tulis buku mcm JK Rowlings Ok jugak.. Mama tumpang suka.

Well her favourite books are Mr Midnight and Geronimo Stilton- tu yang cerita tulis pun lebih kurang same genre. I read all the books I bought for them. Apa nak buat mama pun bookworm - and I must say I don't quite like Mr Midnight after reading a few titles. Mulanya OK after a while dah predictable.

Camarina ada admirer at school. Wahyu. Things Wahyu did were:

1. Kiss her hand

2. Wrote her a love letter.

3.Blew a kiss

4.Held her hands

Mama tanya nombor berapa Wahyu dapat dalam kelas. She said 20 something. mama kata..suruh dia belajar. Speaking of Wahyu- Dulu masa kindergarten one of her admirers pun nama start with W jugak. Sometimes macam tu sister also ada kena mengena dengan persons nama H and kahwin dgn H. My alphabet pulak F.

when adik discovered poems she got excited. Sekarang sibuk cari words yang rhyme. Now she's writing lyrics. She has written one in her blog . - under my follower. I 'll ask her to update her blog often. Hahaha if it is even possibe. Mama pun jarang update.

Kakak's current favourite book are the Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. Hari tu I bought three books, the next day dah habis!! Alamak..We've read 1-9. Nak beli lagi tunggulah.. Last month aje dah beli 6 books.

I tried to encourage kakak to read Enid Blyton's. I love her books- the Faraway Tree was my favorite, next Malory Towers, St Claire, Secret Seven and Famous Five. Tapi both of them are only interested in Faraway tree.

Mama is rereading her Agatha Christie. I read her books when I was thirteen when all my friends were reading Mills and Boons, which I found predictable (I supplied MB to my friends as my mum read them). Baru2 ni main game by Agatha Christie- Peril at end House , Death on the Nile- ending mcm buku and last few days.. And then there were None- One of her best books- 10 people on island- one by one died. The game's ending is different from the book and you can choose three different endings- killer sama tinggal lagi siapa yang tak mati aje lain. I love this game. The best of the three.
Semenjak main click games ni mmg dah addicted. Bebudak pun. Tina has played the Unicorn Castle three times. Dah hafal dah. The easiest she can play- sebab most of it cari silhoutte ofthe items or jigsaw or match three patterns or gears. Yang ada list of things to someone has to read out for hear. I've tried James Patterson's Scarlet women Murder club- best jugak. Art of Murder pun ok. I prefer mystery games as you can see, got hooked eversince main Tomb Raider masa Camillia was one. Kesian anak kena ignore.


Best jugak.. Banyak kambing, cows and macam mcm ada. When am I gonna start the project, they asked. DH said to do something yg boleh pack and go since he said he is going to do his long awaited PHD. Maybe in 4 years time, after his PHD.
Bebudak enjoyed it. Pi kandang Arnab, cats. Ada elephant ride, Camel ride, Pony and Horse Rides..Macam dekat A farmosa jugak.

High School Musical

Expensive than the usual Disney On Ice thing. And less enjoyable. One of the main reason is probably dok jauh, mahal bebenor tiketnya. But even the props were not as good. Kakak and Adik went with Sis Ida and kids. Tina tak pi. I told her I'll bring her to the Princess Disney On Ice show.


MRSHUSiN said...

kak zu, i still love the Faraway Tree, Malory Towers & St Claire! especially the Faraway Tree! loads of berangan2... hahaha... ada lagi buku tu kat ampang... i think la... :)

anyways, selamat hari raya & maaf zahir batin from husin & i!

Minahsongeh said...

I love faraway tree. Silky, Moonface, Dame washalot, tofffee, Land of presents, Land of birthdays sampai mimpi, when I was small

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin to you and Husin

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Dalia Alaa said...