Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kambing oh Kambing

Last weekend 14th 15th I went to Bengkel Usahawan Kambing ( goat husbandry) organised by Mega Utusan, Perfect Agro, APEEC UPM and AgroBank.

I have been wanting to go to such course tapi tak tau macam mana. Tetiba last few weeks, whilst browsing jumpa in a blog. Call punya call, the person asked me to buy Utusan. Ok I admit, I don't like reading Utusan except on Sundays..tu pun I usually go to the page yang advertise courses. On Friday beli Mega saw the ad. The bengkel cost around RM250- very cheap considering masuk tempat tinggal and makan - .....Banghuris Homestay and kat Sepang. pulak tu . kalau tak pergi saja aje lah...

Utusan said participant limited to 150 and they have few people enquiring. Kena Cepat buat wang pos - send to Sri Utusan Bangi. On Friday 6th kelam kabut so tak sempat buat wang pos thot I'd do it on the 7th, tengok tutup pos opis, so taklah hantar. I even wanted to go buy some clay and paint at Seri kembangan- went there after dropping off cleanser at Nor's- thanks for lunch- tutup jugak.. Of course semua tutup public holidaykan..

Anyway Monday went to Po buat Wang pos and courriered to Seri Utusan. Tuesday, they called me to confirm place.. what about the itinerary I asked .. baca utusan..

Wednesday terlupo beli, Thursday terlambat- dah habis bought on Friday.. Actually Mega comes out- when we were not told by utusan saje nak kita belilah tu.. on Mondays and Fridays. Monday semuanya hiburan.. Friday baru ada kursus2 agri.

Tapi that particular day's edition bagi map, and cerita sikit2 Aje. We were to stay at Banghuris. Googled- consist of 3 villages. Apparently ramai tourist from Japan , Canada and Korea stay- tunjuk cara hidup kampung. We were to stay with a keluarga angkat. I tak kisah.. I thot we'd book and stay there dengan my family sekali but DH prefer to book chalet- Seri malaysia Bagan lalang dah full.

On Saturday pagi we went to Banghuris. Pueh pusing2 tak jumpa where exactly we were suppose to go. Pergi rumah ketua kampung, they told us dekat Pusat Aktiviti , which we passed earlier. Memang ada sign board tapi alahai cenonet. They should have state where exactly where to register in the so call Mega.

We were given a file on the contents of the course, a 'cowboy hat' and a T shirt. Rupanya ramai yang tersesat, so time was a bit off. Of course we had VIPs from Perfect Agro- biggest goat importer in Malaysia, from Utusan and vetinar Negara. The course started off by why goats?

Types of goats- Boer, kalahari, Nuban. Saanen, Jamnapari, Feral etc..
At around 12 we were introduced to our adopted family Pak Ngadiman. Five of us Kak R, Kak S, K-, and R went to Pak N's house. We had lunch, which was yummy, perform zohor prayer and off to Pusat Aktiviti or - Kolam.

Our next lecture was on Penyakit Kambing and pemakanan kambing. We were shown various antibiotics and ' instruments of torture'.. hahaha , plus food pellets for the goats. Yang bestnya bila kambing kembung- there is this screwdriver like thingy where u poke the goat with to lepaskan angin- macam poke belon lak. Then we had to walk about 500 metres to ladang transit, where Perfect Agro kept their goats , from Australia /Indonesia transit for their farm in Perak. Mula jumpa kambing. Ada demonstration types of goats, how to inject the goats, potong kuku etc.

Antibiotics and insruments of torture

Around 5, we went to our family's house. DH and the kids picked me up. Dah tanned anak2 seronok main pasir. Went to the chalet. oklahkan RM100 for 2 bedroom with 4 twin beds, TV, fridge, with seperate toilet and bath. Bebudak ni excited- oklah nasib baik bebudak tak tau nak bezakan 2, 3 or 4 star- biar nama tempat lain aje seronok.


Around 8 pi kat kolam, lecture on Costing. Yelah nak untung besar, ladang pun kena besar to achieve economy of scale.

After that makan barbecue kambing. According to the Dr Azhar, it has lower fat than chicken- news to me- I always avoid eating lamb sebab makan aje poning even though I don't have high blood pressure. Rupanya selama ni makan lamb- almost all kambing in Malaysia yang jual are mutton -from sheep or baby sheep yang cholestrol tinggi. Sebab sheep meat ni murah. Kita salah panggil daging kambing mutton. mutton is actually adult sheep meat and lamb of course daging anak sheep/bebiri. Daging kambing is called goat's meat or chevon.Yang jual kat pasar RM28 tu selalunya lamb. Sebab daging kambing esp Boer cost around RM44 a kilo kat Damansara sold for RM70.
The organiser siap suruh semua makan - darah tinggi or not kalau sakit dia jamin bayar duit hospital. Memang tak ada yang mengadu sakit the next day!! News to me. Anyway the meat is like nothing I've ever tasted. I don't like lamb mmg avoid sebab rasa hamis and of course sakit kepalo tu. But that night jatuh cinta terus. .

Lepas makan siap ada kugiran. My kids dah ngantuk so we went back early.

The next day practical. Pi ladang transit and we were divided to two groups. I chose to go to a breeding farm owned by Encik Hamidon first . Best dapat tengok the goats lebih dekat. Pergi menapak quite jauh jugak.. 1km. Balik naik lori. Macam nak kena pi sembelih. It was fun tho. Whilst walking to the farm, ada this guy tegur dari mana etc. He' s from Kuantan. I asked him where- macam tau ek- well I pernah dok Bukit Sekilau. Anyway I was there masa small 1 -2 years old - not that I remember much but arwah abah had a friend there yang anaknya dulu nak di matchkan dengan I. Kawan abah quite well known as dia pernah bertanding against Tun Razak and later Najib under PAS ticket. I sebutlah nama kawan abah tu.. Dia kata dia kenal.. cikgu dia dulu- so I asked him if he knew my father. Konal- anak murid. As dia dok ambik video the whole procedure I gave him my number.
Naik Lori

Sannen- the milk goat


Balik dari the farm we went back to the transit farm. Dr Azhar showed us how to tag goat, deworm, neuter- senang ni pkai getah and then the telur will come off, milk goat, bagi ubat thru mouth. Cucuk bila kembung etc. Very interesting. After makan family angkat's house, bergambor. Encik N siap bekal us with ubi - merah, biru putih. Lovely host. Food semua dari kebun.

Family angkat

Potong tanduk

Neuter- sonang ajo..

Petang, we had lecture by Agro Bank and UPM. All in all quite a good course. So next step siapkan tanah Meru for kambing.

Facts about kambing/goat

Per 3 oz. Cooked

Calories 122 162 179 180 175
Fat (g) 2.6 6.3 7.9 8.2 8.1
Sat Fat (g) 0.79 1.7 3 2.9 2.9
Protein (g) 23 25 25 25 24
Cholesterol (mg) 63.8 76 73.1 73.1 78.2

Data from: USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 14 (July 2001)
*Game meat, goat, cooked roasted
**Chicken, broilers or fryers, meat only, roasted
***Beef, composite of trimmed retail cuts, separable lean only, trimmed to 0" fat, all grades, cooked
****Pork, fresh, composite of trimmed retail cuts (leg, loin, and shoulder), separable lean only, cooked
*****Lamb, domestic, composite of trimmed retail cuts, separable lean only, trimmed to ¼" fat, choice, cooked

Goat Milk vs Cow Milk

-Closest to mother's milk

· Nutrient content of goat milk is slightly less than cow milk but goat milk is more digestible because the fat molecules are one-fifth the size of those from cow milk -- making it easily tolerated by those with compromised digestive systems.

· The flavor of goat milk is comparable to that of cow milk. Goat milk has a milder taste.

· Goat milk has no cream separation because of smaller fat molecules. Can drink straight after milking.

· Goat milk contains pre-formed Vitamin A in the milk fat that allows it to be readily available for use by the body.

· Goats milk contains a more highly-evolved good cholesterol than cows milk, making it more available for absorption to the brain and body. (Cholesterol is essential to the health of the myelin sheaths "white matter" of the nerves in the brain.)

· Goat milk has an alkaline reaction the same as mother's milk. Cow milk has an acid reaction

· Goat milk does not form mucous (phlegm) and is therefore better tolerated by asthmatics and those with allergies.

· Goat milk contains more chlorine, fluorine and silicon than any other domestic livestock. Chlorine and fluorine are natural germicides and fluorine assists in preventing diabetes.

· Goat milk contains 2% curd, which precipitates in the stomach. Cows milk is 10% curd.

· Goats milk is tolerated by a compromised /damaged liver because of the smaller fat molecules and it's naturally homogenized.

· Goats milk has the ability to "sweeten" the intestinal tract and assist with constipation.

. . Goat milk fat consists of 35 percent medium chain fatty acids, compared with 17 percent found in cow milk. Almost half of people who are lactose intolerant are able to drink goat's milk.

Three different medium chain fatty acids found in goat milk are thought to have health benefits for people with certain types of diseases, especially diseases involving metabolism. Some of these conditions include cystic fibrosis, gallstones, heart disease, and various digestive problems.

Goat milk has three times more of these types of medium chain fatty acids than cow milk.Goat's milk contains less of the enzyme xanthine oxidase than cow's milk. When this enzyme enters the bloodstream, it can create scar tissue on the heart. This, in turn, causes the body to produce cholesterol for protection.

A cup of goat's milk has almost 33 percent of the recommended daily allowance for calcium, compared to almost 30 percent of the recommended daily allowance for calcium in a cup of cow's milk.A cup of goat milk also supplies more protein than a cup of cow milk, almost nine grams of protein compared to about eight grams of protein in cow milk.


Ablen Eusoff said...

salam kak zu... bestlah program nih. i really adore you. semua benda you buat. macam manalah i nak jadi macam u ek.. yup that's is really true about daging kambing. Orang selalu salah anggap pasal daging kambing but my adik ipar dia ada kenalan dgn pengusaha ladang kambing so memang almost every month ada je bbq, kambing golek :) mmg tak sakit kepala. harga dia mmg mahal yang kitaorg selalu makan jenis boer.

Minahsongeh said...

Alamak.. mmg semua benda interested..ntah apa2 ntah.. suka belajar tambah ilmu. Anyway mmg hajat nak bukak farm sendiri, sebab kononnya nak avoid makan animals/vegetables yang di pumped up dengan chemical.

Yang barbecue malam tu mmg jenis boer.. Sedapnya..

aida yurani said...

wow, kak zue, interesting nya. good luck with your ladang kambing. Nanti update lah kalau ada apa2 progress ok?
take care.

Minahsongeh said...


Thanks! I will update on the progress

NUR said...

wah..daging kambing less lemak ekk..br tau...

byk info psl kambing nih..
pasni boleh bukak ladang kambing ye kak zu...

hv a large farm with plenty of kambings & orchard to plant all ur herbs..bestnyerr!!!boleh noni bwk family bercuti hehe..

Go organic is the best..a lot of German specialist guys I know retired & live in a farm,bela lembu...

They are freelances, technical expertise work bila diperlukan jek..

best kan?

Minahsongeh said...

Yelah Noni,

Silalah datang holiday nanti. Boleh minum fresh milk pagi2.
Plan nak tanam herbs, sayur2an sikit, maybe ayam. Ingatkan nak buat sabun susu kambing jugak.. Insyaallah.

MAMAMIA said...

ALL the best!! Elok ni, ikut sunnah Nabi, jadi gembala kambing or is it saudagar kambing?

Ladang kambing ni, ada bau tak??

Superwomanwannabe said...


At least you interested in everything..you execute ! I tumpang gembira je hehehehehhe

Helena said...

napa kambing2 kat sini tak cantik macam kat oversea?

best la biz kambing..... i love lamb chop.... hehe

Minahsongeh said...

Thanks Mamamia,

Ladang kambing ni kalau nak tak berbau sembur EM- Microb. Tapi biasalahkan...selalunya kambing jantan ni nak mark territory.

Minahsongeh said...

Thanks Shila

Kambing yang I tengok tu cantik- most of it imported from Australia.

If you love lamb chop, you'll love chevon- daging kambing even more

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