Thursday, June 05, 2008

Chucky-yah Birthday party and Mak z's abode

For Tina's birthday, mum and Bro Amy decided to give her Baby Alive Doll. They gave money for the newborn wet and wiggle doll . Tina wanted the other doll yang boleh makan and poo. Oklah I thot I'd add the remaining$$$.

I read the review of Amazon and some say this doll looked creepy- Siap boleh kata.. Mama I'm hungry, I made a stinky, change me please, all better,lets play, night night and I love you mummy. Ada separate diapers lagi and it's more expensive than the normal diapers. Me - being cheapskate used Tina's old unused diapers and hid the food, kalau bagi makan sure lepas tu poo kan.. What I did is put the doll's bottom in a basin so that tak payahlah change it's diapers. or feed the doll without filling water in the bottle, ada punyi sucking pun. Anyway with six AAA battery the doll can last up to a week.

Tina and baby alive- Lisa.. Aunty lana call her Chucky-yah

The doll is quite big- Tina found it heavy to kendong.. So camillia and Camarina would volunteer, in fact the sisters did the changing and feeding as well..

I asked Tina why

Tina mama dia

Then kenapa tak change or carry doll ?

Kakak bibik dia...


On the 24th Trisya celebrated her birthday at Mont kiara's Burger king. Meriah. SIL Etty made a beautiful Butterfly pinata. The kids played games.. yang tak acinya kakak won twice, dancing and cari duit 50 cents ..dah 11 I think next time tak boleh join bebudak kecik.

Pass the Parcel-

Musical Chair

Butterfly Pinata

Next we went to Mak Z's new abode. Cantik. I love the garden. Mak Z made bread and Singapore stew. Best!! Siap ambik recipe lagi.

Lepas tu pi rumah Lana. Tengok Academy Fantasia.

Last Saturday 30th we celebrate my mum's birthday. Kakak made cake. Ida and brothers gave her blue topaz bracelet.

on Sunday went to Mak M's. Tina rindu dengan Mak M. We had nasi goreng. Memang best. Tina first suka nasi goreng after she had Mak M's.Siap bawak balik lagi.


Dad of 4+1 said... poohs as well?

Zu..time to have another one...he he he!

Minahsongeh said...

Haha Haq. Yes it pooh.

That's what my sister told me.

Lan0stZz said...

chuky-yah!! hahahahah creepy lah i tell u this doll. come again to our home soon k kak zu :) btw love the butterfly pinata too

Minahsongeh said...

Memang nak pi lagi.. House swarming bila?

fifi said...

Belated B'day wishes for Tina!!! Hope you had a great time! Great cake!!! Happy Father's Day to Epa, kita org celebrate hari ni.

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