Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Shila

SIL Shila- superwomanwannabe's birthday today. Jom celebrate debgan Camarina this Saturday

Poneng jugak nak pikirkan the party this coming Saturday. The theme is Prince and Princesses. I have a few things in mind nak buat. The cake, the blackbird pie, queen of heart's tarts- the kue tiew- DH's idea Camarina's favourite- camno i nak turn that into princess theme tak tau.. Shila suggest that the dish be called repunzel's hair kue tiew.. I thot may be mulan's / Hang Li Po's noodle - Shila said bebudak ni tak kenal Hang li po.. The curry puff- shila suggested - Dragon Scales puff. Hahaha cute!

On Sunday night we started on the pinata - thot of making a dragon-- slay the dragon or something.. I thpt perhaps the architect/ multimedia background husband bolehlah buat..The last time I put him in charge of Pinata- he took an orange plastic back bunch the end macam tail and put ping pong ball as eyes jadilah goldfish.. Sigh... creative but malasnya creative.

I blew up a round ballon to form its head and the long ballon as its body. Buatlah paper mache.. Yesterday came back - the dragon's head deflated... Kena buat benda lain nampaknya..


Superwomanwannabe said...

Thanks very much for the party Zu! The food was nice! Towards the end there even was a chocolate puddle cake (Ida's) - nice ! We all lepak kat PUtrajaya after that sampai pukul 9 kot!

Minahsongeh said...

Thanks for the cup cake!! Lovely!!