Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Camarina's 8th Birthday Party


On Wednesday stayed up late buat pinata.Half way done DH said it looked like baru nesan.. Err .. lah baru start apa.. Ni sure nak get back sebab I complained pinata yang di buat dulu..

Actually It did look like a tombstone. Anyways, On Thursday I took half a day off and thot I'd go to a shop in Balakong selling polymer clay.. Ingatkan nak buat a few things with th clay.. It rained and being me.. kalau tak sosek tak sah couldn't find my way from north south highway to Mines.. went round and round. In the end abadoned the idea and went home.

Friday cuti ,- spent the day making cookies, pies, currypuffs and cakes so that Friday tinggal nak ice the cake and masak benda panas2 aje.. Thot of buying swiss roll for the cakes tower tapi DH, the Yang Dipertua PIBG was so nervous about his speech t he next day suruh I pi sendiri... dah malam sure tutup kedai kek..

Friday morning- start preparing for Tom yam soup ( all dishes are camarina's favourite- Tomyam soup- The Hot Dragon Soup, The Princess Sardinia's scally dragonpuff, Queen of Heart's Tarts, Blackbird Pie, The Er.. Mulan's Flat Noodle, Gingerbread man cookies, Ida's pudding and Castle birhday cake..

I have made the cakes the night before - one kilo bottom half a kilo top dia.. No time to buy swiss roll..what on earth should I use for towers...my eyes caught/ternampak the french bread apa lagilah jadi korban.

I wrapped the cake and the baguette with marshmallow fondant. Iced the ice cream cone with butter icing. Decorate the cake with bits of hearts and little sugar flowers and chocolate stones. Then use butter icing to write Happy Birthday Camarina on the cake.. Tak pernah pernah use the buttericing to write on the cake. Used the funnel like thingy yang orang selalu use to pipe on cake tu.. Mulanya ok..Managed to write Happy Birthday .. when it comes to Camarins ..I must have squeezed it too hard sebab suddenly there were blobs of icing on the bottom part of the cake..Hehehe...Baru nak perasan...

Tada.. ze cake..

Lepas tu kelam kabutlah buat tom yam and Kue Tiaw, fried chicken, sardine puff etc.. Sorry Mimi agak kelam kabut sikit masa you datang..

Black bird pies- Sing a song of six pence.

Fruit tart.

After semua terhidang we had a game of Kiss the frog- Like pass the parcel only you pass a wet frog around and when the music stops the person holding the frog has to kiss the frog and go out.. Shafiq won this game.. Then we cut the cake

Next we have The Pinata. All queued to knock the pinata. Unfortunately the pinata dropped to the floor instead of smashed in the air.. Bebudak pun apa lagi berebutlah..

Next we have Pin the donkeys tail game- Intan's son, Dahlia and Nadine won the game.

The best dressed princesses goes to bro Amy's daughter Trisya and neighbour Aida.

The best dressed baby went to Ablen Junior..

All in all It was a fun party. Party pack tak cukup panic sekejap.. luckily we made extra bracelets and rings and had extra cars about.. We estimated around 40 kids . Thank you so much for coming. Thank you Shila for the lovely cupcakes and all of you for the beautiful presents.. Camarina love the pressies. Thank you for the chocolates, craft book on princess.. we love that one.wish we had it before the party!!.., the teddy bears, the pencil case, the music boxes, watch, play dohs, vcds ,glass, clocks., games..

Hari Isnin mama mc.- Kaki cramp. Went for so called relaxation massage...Adoi!.. I think ada lebam2.. The masseur kata my betis berbiji2 angin.. no wonder susah nak jalan.


jabishah said...

Congrats! That must have left you exhausted... been there, done that. Tapi seronok kan bila tgk the girls happy. Hilang penat.
I love your cake. I baked my girls a castle cake too this year. You , I have to say is very creative with what you did with games & food served.
Take care.

Dad of 4+1 said...

Sorry we missed the party....The kids had their classes....Happy belated b'day Camarina from all of us!

Minahsongeh said...

Thanks Jabishah.

Yes it left exhausted but the most important thing ~ the girls enjoyed the party and went back happy. According to Camarina her classmates can't stop talking about it.

Minahsongeh said...


Thank you for the birthday wish. We hope to see you the next party- next year kot..

Minahsongeh said...


I saw your castle cake.. very nice!! and looks yummy!! i love your blog. Wish I've seen it before the birthday.

NUR said...

Wish i am there to see all the princesses & prince..
creative la kak zu nie..mase yana dulu noni x sempat nk wat party.. *sob*sob*

next year nk wat cam kak zu lah!!

Fadzila said...

lawala kek tu..leh order ker?

Minahsongeh said...


Yes.. We wish you were here too. Masa Qistina setahun buat party dia tak reti
.. Next year boleh celebrate birthday Yana!!!

We all celebrate big birthday setahun sekali pun. This year it's camarina's big birthday. Yang lain2 tu celebrate kecil2an aje. Potong kek and celebrate dengan cousins aje. Kalau semua nak macam tu dalam setahun alamat bangkarap parents.. sebab birthday anak2 I April, May and July...
Next year will be Camillia's.

Minahsongeh said...

Hi Fadzila,

Thanks for dropping by.

Nak oda boleh tapi I rasa takut kek tu collapse aje nanti..

jabishah said...

Tx Zu,
Feel free to drop by again. And happy belated birthday to Camarina. Hugs & kisses.

MRSHUSiN said...

wahhhhh! seronoknye... so rugi we didnt get to join the fun! so sorry!
the kids dressed all out! awwww... eusoff is so dashing in his tux! i dah kata... tu future heartthrob tu!!! :)
did the parents also dress up as well? hahaha... teringat epa's Mr Incredible self-made costume!
love the cake by the way! + pls post more pics!
happy belated birthday camarina!

Minahsongeh said...

Thank you Aunty Ja said Camarina

Minahsongeh said...


It's ok Izan.The kids mmg look lovely. Eusoff cute sungguh. I rasa ada ambik gambo HQ dengan Eusoff pakai crown..Parents tak dress up.
I'll try to post more pictures.

MAMAMIA said...

You really went all out for the party!! Berbaloi, your Camarina will cherish this day bila besar nanti.

Helena said...

The party looks great... memangla penat, u buat all out. The cake looks fantastic....

Minahsongeh said...


Yes yang pentingnya dia happy

Minahsongeh said...


Thanks. I enjoyed doing it for her.

aida yurani said...

hi kak zu,
Kita ada order barang kat u. Nanti Kaklong bagitau apa itu. Bikin cantik2 ok? hehehehe.
Hope your mom get well soon.

Minahsongeh said...

Hi Aida.. Thanks. I hope my mum get well soon. I will make the order asap.

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