Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Niece and Sophia's bday party

Congratulations SIL Zaidah and Bro Iji - new addition to the family at 1 pm . Zaidah did the MRI and like moi- had to go thru ceasarian- SIL Zaidah, SIL Etty and I have the same problem- tak boleh deliver normal- like I said hips do lie.

Maulud Nabi- Sophia's bday party. Woke up early. Nor, Yani and Zi ordered toners, moisturisers and serum so whipped a batch of them tapi nak jugak bawak something for the party. The previous day I went to SACC on the way back from work.. I thot I'd bake mince pies ke.. Dh thot inappropriate makan kat Pizza hut and told me to bake fruit tart instead. Alamak already bought ingredients for mince pies.. nasib baik the ingredients ada jugak in the fridge- godek apa yang, mango, and the whip cream yang hari tu kakak nak buat creme brulee tak jadi buat.

Disebabkan mama dia sibuk with skincare- kakaklah kena kerah buat the fruit tart. She made the pastry shells and bibik cut the fruits, while I made the custartd. oklah..

Kakak and Bibik filling the tart shells.

Rushed to Pizza hut Wangsa maju- lalala..famished bukan main as no breakfast and last nite had fruits aje for dinner. Kesian Shila, I was no help at all.. Pakaikan Sophia the necklace, kakak made and bracelet I made the monday before.

Party was fun the kids madebday card for Sophia and played games.

Top Sara and Camarina making cards for Sophia. Tina with the lovely cupcakes. Cute baby Hajar - dad of fours plus one. Birthday girl and home made delicious cake.

Gave skincare to zi, and then off to shila's house to drop DIL Abah, picked kakak and Sara up and off to Crystal shop. Beli lagi barang..

Reached home around 10.. Sorry Shila balik lambat sangat.


Superwomanwannabe said...

Your tarts were delicious!! Beruntung anak dara pun ikut you...and thanks for the pressies

Minahsongeh said...

Tart kakak yang buat. You're welcome!!

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