Friday, February 22, 2008


First of all I would like to convey condolences / takziah to Shila superwomanwannabe and her relatives whose grandmother passed away on Saturday 16 February and apologise for not attending the funeral as Camarina had solat camp that day.

I would also like to wish our MIL - 67th birthday. She is a superwoman.

What did we do last weekend. Adik has solat camp till 2 o'clock. In the meantime her mummy -busy making doughnuts , cinnamon rolls and looking like doughnuts herself. I told myself to stay away from these food but of course can't resist 'em bila dok depan mata.

Anyway, we spent the week at home. Saturday around 2 no electricity. DH suddenly so rajin- oklah sayang I believe you when you say you have lots of work to do- dodgy jugak jawapan when I wanted to follow, he said he wants to smoke in the office ( I wanted to use his office computer for surfing as he said he wanted to use his laptop.) And he'll be back exactly the time the electricity suppose to be back up. Left to fend ourselves we went to Nilai 3. As all the kids wanted to go, susah sikit nak jalan with three kids in tow especially one very suka hati jalan everywhere without telling us no 3 Tina. Kenalah bawak maid.

Nak pi Nilai 3 ni coz we all have.. the kids and I and even the maid - bitten by the bead jewellery bug. Nak cari beadslah ni. There are lots of shops selling the hantaran thingies, flowers of every colour- but have to chose with special care colours gaudy giler but tak ada beads . We found one shop selling them - tu pun tak banyak.

I have bought tiger tail ( string for the beads) headpins, eye pins and apa kebendenya from an online supplier. Adik came back from school with lots of orders as the elastic we used dah habis and her friends were all mad as the orders were not ready. Business good for the kids. So when we had all the supplies apa lagi lah.. Beading frenzy. We spent the weekend catching up with the orders. I made necklaces for the kids and earing for adik ( yang dua lagi - satu tak ada lubang- satu lagi dah kambus)

Red - adik's. Blue kakak's and purple pink tina's.
Weekdays pun tu jugak kerja. Balik opis/ sekolah buat earings, necklaces and bracelets. I had an earing sebelah, lost the other pair- tried using pliers managed
Yesterday I had a very good testimonial from one of my customers which motivated me futher. I have received good testimonial before but this one made me so happy. Someone said she was so enthiastic that her testimonial sounds like a bought one. I am happy for her. Alhamdulilaah.
I have recently bought the Rhassoul clay, clay that has been used eons ago and still is used by elite spas all over the world. I am so excited about the clay- have to wait two weeks- after the fiasco with the courier company i decided to Use The US mail ( post opis) , even that took two weeks compare to a month with the courier company ( for hydrosols and two botol kenit essential oils). This time I ordered hydrosols, clay, shea butter and castille soap. Sampai lagi cepat and cheaper.


fifi said...

Zue, I love the beads! So sweet... so nice to be able to share a cool hobby with your kids kan!

Minahsongeh said...

Thanks Fifi. My number to love wearing them.. apa lagi mak dia.. indulgelah..

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