Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Beading Course, Johan's Birthday

Saturday 2nd

We had another jewellery making class. I had to work in the morning so kakak had to follow me to work, kesian dia bored. She wanted to surf the net but the company blocked the sites she wanted to go to- Barbie, Disney Channel.. I've asked her to bring a book, tapi lama2 boring jugak.
Around 2 we went to pick Ana and off to Intekma. I thought I was being clever and parked further than before as the last time we went~ we had to climb stairslah.. sekali tengok even worse lagi jauh- maybe we were near the room but had no idea how to get there, so we had to go down the stairs and menapak back up.

This time we were taught to bead a watch using pearls and beads and also a bracelet using 14k gold wires and swarovski crystals. I had a difficult time beading the watch, the holes in some of the beads were ever so small , ( bukan case tak tau menari kata papan berjongket tau) - Some holes weren't drill big enough- therefore I had to poke a few times with my brooch pin sampai berdarah finger- even the instructor told me to put in one bead instead of the usual three beads when ending / matikan the bead. Kakak finished hers quite early. They have already started on the second bracelet and I was still terkial2 with my watch. In the end I continued ith the bracelet and since kakak also finished her bracelet early I gave my watch to her to finish.

Balik rumah - still tak habis2 jugak bracelet tu - after kakak finish two other bracelets- one for Tina and another for adik baru I managed to finish mine. Ish ish... slownya mak dia.

Mine- Red- Kakak's green.

Chinese New Year

We went back to Kluang wednesday night. Oklah taklah jam sangat. Spend the two days makan. MIL really spoilt us. Budak2 suka doughnut- buat doughnut- roti naik, currypuffs, laksa johor, nasi goreng kampung (tina's fav). I must have gained two kilos. Came back on Friday night. On Saturday nagged DH pi Giant nak buat Apple Crumble for Pak cik's kenduri Arwah. Satu hari terpleot at 6 baru bergerak pi beli ingredients. Kelam kabut buat... Dengan panas2 bawak ke Shah Alam- yasin recital almost finish. Ada lauk tempoyak with all the daun2 and rendangg. Of course for nogoris and orang Melaka- favourite dishlah kan.. My kids all dua tiga helpings - they love the rendang negeri Sembilan , altho it was hot- cili padi hot.


Woke by Epi - ran downstairs and buat brownie cupcakes, ate nasi lemak and off to the zoo for Johan's birthday party.The kids had a gala time. Pi lah the elephant show and the multi animal show- Nadine donated and one of the birds flew to her arm.

Pix- Nadine and bird, Baba Johan, Tina at Flamingos' , Baba tina with giraffe, Porcupine , Johan cut cake

Around 1 we went back to Shila and Epi's for Johan birthday lunch.


Lan0stZz said...

wow kakak is so talented like the mother! i remembered i bought that watch for mommy...agak pricey jugak. how much would u selll one?

Minahsongeh said...

Kalau pakai swarovski pearl and crystal dalam RM85. Tapi kena berhati2 tak boleh kena air. Riwayatnya sekejap aje. I am looking for water resistantnya face watch kat sini tak ada.. Kena import dari US kot.

Talented - I rasa ni skill semua orang boleh belajar.

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