Monday, January 28, 2008

The week that was

On 23rd January, Thaipusam holiday, Intan, Nani, Zi and I went to Midvalley for a mini reunion. The last time we all met was here and then we went the three of us went here. The venue Chilli's again- I just can't get enough of this place altho sometimes service a bit kureng but the food delish..

We promised to meet around 12 and as DH, the kids and I decided to drive there, we thot we'd arrive early- tau ajelah the jam and parking problem in Midvalley. Reached there half eleven and waited at Chilli's around 12. Big mistake as my dear friends came like 45 minutes later. Waiter and waiteress gave me daggered looks.. I felt solah guilty as the line, as usual panjang at Chilli's though sometimes I think its their marketing strategy as I did went once- line panjang kat luar tapi inside banyak tempat. In KLCC you have to wait at least an hour.

Anyways, we had gala time stuffing ourselves and remeniscing, gossipping our friends. We met our ex roomate in Chilli's itself and later on another collegemate at the surau. We left Chilli's around four- Waitr(ess) dah buat nampak tak nampak. Tanya refill pun buat tak paham.

Afterwards we went to MPH. I wanted to look up a book on clay. My current obsessions now are plasticines and clay- sibuk buat mini roses, cats, fruits, rabbits- Macam budak2 pulak. Found a cheap book and bought one immediately. I'll post pix later.

Kakak has been selling rings, bracelets and necklaces she made from beads at school. She came back one day and told me she has 12 orders. Ada yang mintak rings aje, ada yang one set. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I am proud of her. On the other- takut jugak other parents complain. Anak Yang dipertua PIBG jual barang kat sekolah. Budak2 buying things instead of food. Tapi come to think of it kekadang beli entah apa2 kat stationery shop tu or jajan tu sama jugak. Anyway, we don't want her to do this daily. I told her she can only take orders on Friday and start doing them when she finishes her homework. My MIL ( a teacher herself-is dead against it- though my husbands said he sold jambu at school and his sister said she sold papers for 10 sen each). My mum ( who is also a teacher) said she can't do it during class- maybe during recess.

My sister Ida delivered a baby boy- Mohamad Amir malam Thaipusam- well at 1 plus am. I was suppose to see her on Sunday but the baby has jaundice and had to be admitted. We went to Nor's house aje.

Sunday night. Juara lagu. Wow bestnya. I think the best vocal meme Jaq and Lah.. Manalah Lah selama ni.. I heard he's not with VE anymore tapi mmg class gitu. I thot the song should win the Juara Lagu. Oklah esrange tu- song ok- vocal- I thot Rich did a really good job but lyrics..a bit kureng in my opinion.. yang I dengar Itu Kamu aje.. Izin ku pergi of the Balada category mmg berhantu- truly deserve the title. I thot overall performace was very good. I especially like Bob, even Sofaz did a better job than the semi final,

Siti camtulah.. macam mana lagunyanya so-so aje.
Nora deserved the etnik title.
Performance - Mawi- tu dah mmg expected- not really because he did a good job, oklah.. vocal wise taklah best sangat.. he has so many fans as they are bound to vote for him- I'm not surprise.

I like the presenters..altho kekadang banyak bebenoror bercakap. Farah and Ally, Faizal and Cheryl.


MAMAMIA said...

Rasanya tak apa kot, anak u nak jual all those things. As u said, kat kedai buku sek pun, macam2 diaorg jual..

Entrepreneur skill ni, mesti ikut perangai mak dia lah ni...

Minahsongeh said...

Thanks Mamamia. I kalau boleh tak naklah discourage them tengah semangat berkobar2 ni, tapi takut parents complain as bagi duit beli food pi beli jewllery. Tapi their designs cantik2 I'm really impressed.

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