Friday, January 18, 2008

This and That

Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram everyone. We went to Mak B's for doa selamat. Got there half way through the Yassin. Food was delicious- Murtabak Singapore ( fav), Tahu Bakar ( another fav), Rojak Buah ,Kue tiau, Mangoes and ciku, Laksa Johor, Nasi Lemak. Had so much of Tahu bakar and rojak buah and Mangoes, that there was no room for either nasi lemak or Laksa Johor.

On saturday night adik sakit gigi. Toothache can be really painful and it was her first. As it was already round 10, manalah ada dentist yang bukak. I was at my wits end. I asked her to brush her teeth and DH suggested that she gaggle salt water. Tak hilang jugak.. dah menangis.. Langsung tak teringat asking her to eat panadol. Looked through my aromatherapy books- I remembered reading about something. Nasib baik one of the thing they suggested ada kat rumah. Rushed down and got two cloves/ cengkih. After eating ..adik said her toothache's gone. Oklah tu.

The next day DH went to the chinese sinsei- dapatlah ubat gigi which I suspect panadol. Makan tak hilang jugak sakit, so she took the cloves lagi.

On Monday I took the day off, she had fever and we went to the dentist. Went back armed with antibiotics and pain killers. The Dentist, who I thot looked familiar, suggested that we come back to extract the tooth.

Tuesday had to half day off for Court regarding abah's estate. Panicked as had to drive to mahkamah persekutuan Alone. Before every single turn called DH. SIL Shila called to say that DIL 's in IJN. Apparenly the day before they had three person's relay and DH brought DIL from Ayer Keroh to Nilai and BIL from Nilai to KL. Lah...hai. I thot Abah ada kat Kluang Hospital.

On Wednesday we rushed to IJN, and even with the newly free (yay!!) highway we reached around 8.15pm and we told that visiting hour's over. DH went up alone first and I went up after he came down but Abah was at the Surau. As it was already late and the kids were hungry we went to a famous restaurant near Tawakkal, had dinner and went back to Sepang.