Monday, January 07, 2008

Folk Art and Jewellery making course

For the past two weeks I have been busy. On Saturday, Dh had some kind of presentation at a hotel near Jalan TAR. I thot of going to Sogo- dah lama tak pi. - But then Saturday in Jalan Tar with 3 kids? Nah I thot, better go to a place where there are other things to do besides shopping. I came across Creative MP4 advert RM299 for 4Gig- only in KLCC's Best- tho I'd go and see. My MP3, bought a few years ago- 256mb samsung, which I'm still using dah macam tak cukup space. My main criteria for the thingy would be- it has to be small, 2G and above, preferably with no need for a USB cable. and within the RM300 budget. Of course Best being on the 3rd floorkan.. long way to go, DH dropped me near Isetan and Isetan - SALE- apa lagi.. side tracklah sekejap. My ' Gucci' bag dah berbulu and I want a big bag where I can put all my gadgets inside, PDA, MP3, notebooks- entah apa2 dah apa PDA ada note book lagi- 2 plak tu. Anyway- tengok kat Elle- terberkenan then moved on to renomalah , Guesslah, apa kebende.. Makin banyak tengok, makin poning..Spoilt for choice.

In the end I found this bag which was a real bargain- cost RM 500 and it has 70% discount for members- terus jadi member-- RM150 for a leather bag.. Ok I thot- better go see the MP4 first. When up to Best- saw So*Y MP3 - ok jugak- Duluterberkenan the sports version of it - tapi no stock and way beyond my budget.
There is one I thot looks cool too, tapi macam tak layan sangat.. so I ended up with a 2 G S**msung Mp3 for less. Yay.. Sam**ng lagi my DH would say. Two previous and current phone, previous mp3 are all of the same brand. Kenapa tak beli creative- 1it is much bigger - I wanted something small and I could clip on.. exercise boleh guna. and plus no USB cable ( Handbag penuh enough )..
Then of course-to Kino*****. Wouldn't be complete if we miss THE bookstore. Browsed a few books. Of course there are a few I liked- art books mostly..But my mind was on the bag.
Asked the kids nak makan mana.. Silaplah kan.. Chili's they say. Oklah mama said and off to Chili's. Tina, who usually can't do without tostada chips decided not to have it. Pizza mmg tak nak- ( how did she get to be so tembam you'd ask) In the end I coaxed her to try my mushroom jack..Dah semua berkenan-In the end I had to share with the kids..ok jugak- I was supposed to be on die with a T.

We went back to Isetan the bag was taken- .. in the end I bought a bag of the same brand and price. Okaaylah
Sunday 30th December

Ana, my officemate and I planned to go to Amcorp Mall to learn folk painting. I've always loved painting and especially love landscapes or of nature. Never really had a formal education. The closest thing to it was in std 6 where Pn Zawiyah in CBN taught me art. Talent mmg tak ada. But the man assured me I can do it. DH was kind enough to send me to Amcorp and off I went with adik in tow.
The lesson was ok. Pegang berus pun salah.. tangan keras aje..really need more practice. The finished product looked ok, jangan tengok dekat2 sudah. We planned to go to a beginners class, the one we went to was introductory.

Adik made a frame.. My finished folk art sign.

Wednesday 2nd December

Went to work late. As soon as I reached the office I got a call from my cousin whose parents live in Section2 Shah Alam that her father collapsed . I rushed to Section2 and found her sister and mother with a neighbour. Pakcik had gone. I took the day off, helped them prepare for the Burial. Alfatihah.


We went to Sg wang to buy for DH much awaited birthday present. We went through few seas of stalls before he finally found the one he wanted. Phew. Went back to my mum's and was lectured by my sister who waited for us for ages.. What to do .. we have one picky buyer. Had to go Shila's as well and by the time we reached to SIL Nor's it was already half past eleven. Reached Nilai exhausted.


Woke up early to attend jewellery making workshop. Tak tau mana- so had to ask for directions.. venue- Shah Alam- time 9.00. This time I brought kakak with me as she is very interested in jewellry making. Dah banyak bracelets she gave away to her cousins, necklaces for her sisters- she doesn't like wearing 'em tho. We reached there on time.. The lesson started with making long pearl necklace and bracelet. Easy enough. Kakak made 2 small pearl necklace and two bracelets. Then the instructor introduced the loop technique, which is more difficult but manageable. The fourth project was a ring. Ni susah.. berpinar mata and I had to take off my glasses, so close the row of beads were and solah keras the pins. I had a migraine just then. But kakak ( the yougest there) and I enjoyed the class, We met new friends and learnt a new skill. We planned to attend the second class next month. I had to go to summit to meet a friend and I bought kakak a jewellery making kit.

Mine- the off white, kakak's blue


MAMAMIA said...

Rajinnya U join all these classes... Yg best tu, your girl pun nak ikut sama..

Minahsongeh said...

Tambah pengetahuan. Lagi pun I mmg suka gemstone and selalu asyik kena restring aje. Might as well belajar to save cost. Kakak mmg minat.

The art class- mmg fascinated tengok gambar nature ni tapi tak ada talent.

Anonymous said...

The folk art class, I have given Superwomanwannabe some info, in case you are looking for another place to learn.

fulltime mom

Minahsongeh said...

Thanks fulltime mum. Will arrange when I have the time