Monday, December 10, 2007

Two weekends at a go

I've been wanting to learn how to do gift bags ( you'd think apakebende zu ni- just buy onelah cost 1 ringgit aje). Bukan apa - this is for my product- I've been buying the off the shelf gift bags and thot of printing personalised ones but the minimum quantity required - 500 bags. Not wanting to incur more cost- reduce cost saving kan passto customerkan, I learnt how to make one.

Top card and bag made by camarina/ adik
bottom Qistina's bag- Tina's favourite characters
Tried to download off the net. Complikataknya, in the end office mates and I opened one bag and reproduced using the A4 cover paperlah G***d*** bagslah. Dapat pun!!

Came back home excited- bought coloured paper , wrapping papers and A4 papers of different thickness to try on. The result. Each my kids has one and all 4 shila's girls pun dapat. Packed the whole stuff kononya nak buat craft weekend at Cherakah.

Had to work on Saturday, Rushed home, packed bags got a call from Epi, black out and no durian. I don't mind the no durian bit as sure malam ada a few yang jatuh/drop but no electricity agak susah sikit. In the end we all went to Uncle Fuad's. Thank you Mimi and Aunty Rokiah!!

Mum called on Thursday. Al Fatihah Pangkat granduncle passed away. He was quite young early fifties. His sister Ashariah Badar was one year my senior at MRSM Seremban. Apparently he was hospitalised quite a while. He was a collegemate of Mak Z.

On Saturday Pak Ncik passed away. I was at Shila's at the time waiting for MIL and FIL. Pak Ncik has been ill for quite some time. Mak Ncik/Mak cik Tum who looked after him passed away last year see this entry

We went to Linggi on Sunday for the funeral. His spot was just next to the Mak cik Tum's, coincidently. Alfatihah to Arwah. Also visited Abah's grave.

Yesterday Izreen Mak b , Nadiah and Uncle M flew off to Nottingham. DH and kids sent them off. Moi ? Sorry Izreen Migraine. Have a safe journey!!