Monday, December 24, 2007

Selamat hari raya korban

For Hari raya korban, we went to my mum's. I went there bawak perut. Baby Eylan was there along with his sister, mummy and daddy. Sis Ida and family were there too. Around 2, went to Ca***f*** and met Zi there. Had my tourmaline necklace restring- beli like eons ago tak pakai sebab the clasp dah berkarat. At 4 we went to SIL Shila's house. Bawak perut jugak.. Sorry Shila. Mak M was there with Irman and Idwan. Later on Mak Z and uncle Y came. Promised Ida we'd come bake by 8 tapi sampai around 9. She was leaving.


The next day Shila and I planned to go swimming with the kids. Brought mango juice and garlic bread. Oklah.. my kids tak tau berenang sibuk nak pi the deep end. Occasionally jerit at Cqistina. After a while, the kids reasonably tanned, we went to Beryl's Chocolate kingdom. Had a wonderful time eating chocolate on the pretext of sampling them. The kids enjoyed the tour. Pics taken from Shila's . Hehehe sorry lah copyrighted ke?

Kids listening to lecture on how Chocolates are made.
Then we went to Pavi**ion. First visit. Thot of going to the famous doughnut shop but line was so long. So went to Girls, Miss whatever etc. Had to buy a skirt at the Pump**n P**ch for Tina due to accident. Susah jugak nak bawak-- 8 kids. Each had a buddy, senang sikit.
We then went to Ti**s. Shopping would not be complete without going to bookstores.
We then went to Epi's new 6 star hospital . Wah..
Then we went back exhausted.
The next day pi shopping lagi. Beli baju, tudung and kasut sekolah at Ju**o . Adik had her heart set on a bag from Girls but changed her mind when she saw a power puff girl bag in her favourite colour red.. Phew we managed to get all in a shopping complex.
Morning after nasi lemak breakfast terpeleot kat rumah. Around 5 went to Cy** J*y* Community Centre Pool. Swimming lagi.

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