Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Reading Shopping Gardening

My favourite hobbies. We didn't have anything planned for Saturday. Two kids are still at mum's. I 've ordered a book from Bookxcess and planned to go there but Dh said since we are going to Damansara on Sunday, might as well pi semua sekali in a day. Besides he has his usual or shall I say the only, workout, schedule that day- mowing the lawn.

I thot yeah- I've been neglecting my plants as well. The Roses, gardenias, cannas and jasmines needed pruning. The Yellowed and dried Banana leaves needed to be removed and I so need to to get rid of the weeds. I have flowers and herbs bought the week before, months before to re pot. First of course I need to buy new pots.

My sundal malam/tuberose flowering. This flower blooms every 4 months of so and smells heavenly. I've decided to write on Sundal malam in Pure flowers Blog.

I went out to the nearest nursery. And.... bought more flowers.. hehehe.. and two pots/containers... I was looking for the long ones tapi tak ada. So I bought 2 big ones - roses and the new cananga need to be repotted. I thot my garden needs more colours so I bought
Plumbago, Ati-Ati (Coleus Blumei), Balung Ayam (Celosia/Cocks comb),
Halia Bara or so said the nursery owner but I doubt it is called that - It looks like ginger lily/ butterfly lily/hedychium- I have to wait till the flower bloom to confirm. ,
White Hibiscus.

There was this fragrant purple flower I fell in love with. Its a creeper. According to the nursery owner it's bunga markisa/passionfruit flower( Passiflora caerulea) - I looked this flower up and betul but she didn't have a ready pot to sell. While I was waiting for car ( car wash and vacumm next to the nursery) i thot I saw someone familiar. Rupanya the guy who comes to mow ( before DH bought the mower) co owns the nursery. I saw him once selling at the night market. Apparently they've bought over the nursery- no wonder I see lots of flowers unlike before. My only grievance is some flowers/plants susah sikit nak cari. Unlike the nursery I called in Shah Alam, who prefer to the Latin name- bukan apa senang sikit- Some plant have few names. This is especially valuable when there are herbs that I want.

Ati Ati my camera and right off the net.. Hey I've got to buy SLR to capture photos like that.

Top Plumbago off the net-
looked nicer than my photo so this was posted instead.

Bottom The Passionflower- from my camera.

Balung Ayam Taken off the net.

Funny thing happened. Usually on Saturdays we either have sausage or roti canai for breakfast. I thot of reducing the intake of nitrate laden sausage so cooked porridge. Wanted to put in potatoes but couldn't find any so I threw in purple sweet potato. The result purple porridge!!


Butterfly Ginger off the net. Compare with mine nanti when it blooms betul tak.

In the evening went to another nursery and bought the long potting plastic boxes and more pots.


In the morning did some repotting and weeding. Still ada a few herns/plants tak habis pot/plant - Stevia, Tenggek Burung, Pegaga. Mangga (bought at Putrajaya Floria). Around 2, we headed to Amcorp Mall. The last time I went to Amcorp mall was when I had to go to a course at a hotel near there. And I had like an hour to kill. Not enough time - definitely.

There are so many things to see there. Small stalls selling trinkets, hand painted souvenirs, gemstones, second hand things, books a bit like flea market, hand made bags, purses, paints. I solah fell in love. Main purpose is to go to Book xcess and to Creative Cottage ( for a yoga book ) went to the websites of MPH and Kino, the former out of stock- thot nak pi Kino but then book xcess sent an email on new books arrived, after looking at the titlesoff the net, I found the book I wanted - half price.

After getting the book, went to Creative Cottage. Another store I fell in love with. Last few months I've been wanting to attend a workshop by Laman Impiana on Folk Painting. Cost around RM100 to register and another 100 for supplies but the deadline was 30th Nov and yours truly missed it. My cousin told me of this shop. I think they offer better package RM 60 including supplies . There are stenciling classes, Glass painting, Stamping, Decoupage and T-shirt painting. Took lots of brochure as my office mates would be interested as well.

While waiting for shila, went round floor by floor. Macam macam ada. Sedia duit aje. Went into Booksxcess again with shila. Bought birthday Present for Sara. Happy Birthday Sara!! On the way back saw another store I missed!!! A store full of international mags- usually sold around RM25 , sold for RM9.90 even crafts mags pun ada.. As Dh was waiting downstairs, tak sempat singgah. Sigh..

Tak pa..Next time I'll go alone or with my two elder girls.

Monday- Cuti..as my road tax expiring ingatkan nak pi bank and post office. But then the Insurance faxed cover note to DH 's office around 1 and he had to go to DBKL. In the end dok umah habiskan a book by PD James. Oh yes.. Something happened that got me excited then angry. I received an SMS - Tahniah Anda telah memenangi Cek tunai RM15000 plus reload kredit RM250 dari peraduan Celcom. The number started with 006 and it has 15 digits all together. At first I was excited then.. I felt suspicious sebab banyak sgt number nya. I called the number tak dapat then dapat indonesian voice say the number cannot be connected. Called celcom- they say ignore it. I think its someone from Indonesia trying to con us. Nasib baik tak dapat call number tu. MMMmmm


Haq said...

Zu - I have been looking for the passiflora for quite some time...My suppluer kata not in syock dah lama. Kat mana nak beli? I need a new creeper for my patio. My stephanotis tu lambat sgt and dah mati...

Hey post pics of your garden lah!

Minahsongeh said...


I jumpa kat nursery dekat rumah. They have the flower all over the nursery ( yg besorlah) but she said she'd prepare a few ready pots for me. I'll go back this weekend to see if they are ready . If they are nanti I kirim kat Shila.

Nak cari jugaklah stephanotis and add to my collection.

I think my garden still need to be worked on before I can post pics of it. Banyak lagi tak siap.

Jason said...

Hi Zu,

Was wondering where I could get the Tuberose.



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