Friday, December 28, 2007

PD, restarting exercise routine, etc

Christmas 2007

Went to PD. We stopped by PD weeks ago on the way from funeral and bought the floatie looked like life jacket for Tina but it was too tight for her so camarina got it instead. When at the Cyberjaya pool kakak borrowed it and liked it very much so DH decided to go to PD again. ( I really must enroll the kids for swimming class)

Off we went at 11. PD is so near Sepang but we always passed through on the way to Linggi.The day looked promising- not so hot - mendung a bit. On the way it rained, but cleared up as soon as we reached PD. The kids brought a small pail which I thot should be left at home by the looks of it- pail was for sea shells. Kids played with the sand made sandcastles and played kite. I have never actually flown a kite before. My first time ever. DH and the kids each had their own. Tina and adik lost theirs. The wind was quite strong. Bought adik a new one.

Dh's kite

Had tea there and came back home around 5 -exhausted.

Hydrosol Shipment problem

I have been waitig so long for the hydrosol to be shipped from USA that I almost given up. I would have thought courier would take a week the most- I had to wait nearly a month Pakai US post pun 10 days. Nak pengsan rasanya. Almost every day darah naik tracking the parcel. They've given me a tracking number and it stops in hongkong.. of course no one tells me why. I called rupanya kena called back to the USA for custom inspection. Huh? Bukan inspection before send off.. and then it took around two bloody weeks and they gave me a new airway bill. . The new airway bill showed that it went for inspection and cleared and scheduled to move~ the old airwaybill shows it has left US from the date in the new airway bill and stuck in hongkong for a week. I called the blardey rep and she said it's still on inspection in the US and told me to ignore the old airway bill. But the new airwaybill has not been updated since. The rep said that Mine is not the only shipment stuck with FDA or customs. That of course got my hackles up. I can't be sitting twiddling my thumb.

I emailed US and they say they'll look it up and lo behold it arrived the next day with a note from Manager in US to Manager in Hongkong with subject red flag. Then I looked in the system- the old airwaybill number shows that it arrived in Malaysia. I wonder what is the tracking number for. I have signed up for their service but haven't used the account yet dah jadi macam ni.

I understand these things happened, you can't blardeywell predict when and how long the US custom is going to hold my package etc but what made me mad was because the rep promised to call me twice but did not and that she did not do her best to solve my problem and of course My parcel is not the only one stuck and condescendingly told me that what I saw between the two airwaybill was not right.

I intent to learn from this experience. Why would I want to import from the US beats me, I could have gone direct to the supplier. I thot I'd save shipping costby buying various ingredients at one place and the company in US has already done testing on the products. When it said certified organic then it is. Maybe I should turn to Europe instead.

Exercise Routine

I last did t-tapp in September and did a bit of yoga somewhere in November . I thot I was pregnant but still continue with the yoga then dapat heavy period coupled with backache, a bit of cramping . I usually don't have problem during menstruation, kalau sakit belakang means I'm pregnant. My sister lectured me.. Dah tua dah .. bukan senang nak lekat.. kalau dah lekat janganlah buat yoga..yadayada.. Anyway, I thot I'll start trying again in a couple of months so in the mean time startlah balik the exercise routine. My previous entry on t-tapp

Sya.. see under friends and family .. introduced me to t-tapp. Kelakarnya I went to the website recommended by a forum on The firm- exercise routine combining aerobics and weights- . I was game to try any type of exercise except steps solah tak coordinated but thot it was quite expensive but most important thing is will it work?. Tengok2 in the forum, search for Malaysian.. jumpa nama Sya. And after sending email back and forth- Sya lives in Sepang lah dekatnya- small world kan. And I can confirm if you diligently do the routine to the tee- you'll reduce inches.. After getting and trying them I bought a few . Ada two women in the old tape looked quite - you know - unfit but in the new DVD wah transformation dia.... And of course the operative word here is diligently..


Dad of 4+1 said...

We were in PD on Xmas day. Dropped off 3 of my kids there for my mom and my siblings to baby sit them for three days!

Minahsongeh said...

They enjoyed the stay?

It was windy that day and lovely time for playing kites