Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pie and Pastry

My current craving are pies and pastry. Last few months I just couldn't do without fruit tartlets. The thought of them make my mouth water. I just had to have them. Trylah buat, oklah lah still have room for improvement- maybe malas buat- I can order from sya.

Lately it is chicken pie. Gawd I can't get enough of this thing. I've been wanting to avoid eating stuff made from white flour- any such thing as wholemeal or soya based chicken pie. Also the fact that it's causing a hole in my pocket. I thought maybe I should do lots during the weekend, freeze them and bake in the morning before work. May be I should do this. Get this craving out altogether.

Wail! why do I have cravings for dodgy things, Once I craved Ferrero roche. Sampai hafal how much each cost. Pantang nampak!! I went off them when I bought very cheap RM14 for 16 @guardians. Terlebih makan!! Then I craved for Hazelnut Nuss.
Why can't I crave fruits ke vegetables ke. Vegetables - I hate cooked ones- except of course mushroom.. MMm maybe I should have mushroom soup tomorrow.

Lately I don't feel like eating rice for lunch so I've been eating bread- homemade- made on Tuesday morning- tak sempat rise betul2 - with chicken, yesterday with egg and cheese, today with beef soup. If I finish my bread today, I'd have to to do again today.. may be this time it'll look and taste better.

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