Monday, November 19, 2007

New Blog

So much happening for the past week. On Friday 9th slept over SIL Shila's house as we planned to see an ustaz early in the morning. Of course the kids were excited. DH and I slept on a single bed- saje aje- we actually brought the inflatable mattress, tak pakai - ok at first- comfortable- not our first time- but around 1 o'clock Tina decided to join in. The next morning DH had neckache- funnily the backache I had the night before disappeared..

Saturday not so morning after all we went to the ustaz house oklah.. I decided to ask him for surahs for my migraine and yikes- I haven't been reading them diligently- end of the month I have a follow up appointment- how ah?

After the session we decided to visit Baby Eylan- promised my brother we'd go cepat tapi yikes no.. pressie- had to rush to Wangsamaju Jusco, my shoe also looked like crocodile's mouth( last few days I dreamt of crocodile- Mak B was in that dream, the croc was purring - open my eyes- rupanya DH was doing his version of croc purring plus snort bit, and teeth grinding bit)

Baby Eylan so cute. He looked like his mummy/ atok ayah. ( my mum said on the first day he looked like Trisya/daddy). Tried to post photo tapi the USB does not recognise my phone.. kekadang funny things like this happens.

The next morning, went to shila's tahlil. Ramai guests. my handphone had to go off, so couldn't take photos. Met Yani, Haq, the boys and little Siti Hajar. Tembam and cute. Yani ordered the mid size set.

Congratulation Nadine for getting 5As in her UPSR.

Last Sunday we went to Haiqal's aqiqah. Moi's handphone same old same old- had to run out of batteries then, which made moi panic as we went to 1 Utama afterwards and as usual DH did his MIA thing.

We went to MPH- dapat the cheque from Permata hati and told the kids they can either get something from MPH or ToysRus- They chose MPH. Kakak wanted jewellery making kit but later changed her mind to scrapbooks stencil and the like. Adik got a scrapbook and TIna first wanted pop up mermaid book but later settled for Magic of the rainbow musical book phew! the mermaid book cost a bomb.

I have a new blog. Whylah! you'd think, the existing one pun susah nak update. Anyway its
  • Pure Flowers Organics

    I'll putting in recipes on homemade skincare and properties of essential and carrier oils and new skincare ingredients, natural or synthetic.

    MAMAMIA said...

    Dah ada blog baru, yg lama dilupa jangan...

    Minahsongeh said...

    Insyaallah tak.. yang baru tu nak isi kena ada facts sikit so lambat update.