Friday, November 09, 2007

Last weeks News

On Wednesday, SIL E scheduled for her ceasarian. Apparently a few days earlier she went for MRI and found herself to be in similar boat as I am, we both have the male pelvic- tak boleh beranak normal- you would never guess- looking at our hips- in this case Hips do lie.

On Thursday kakak came home said she had to bring a baju melayu, songkok, kain pelikat and a cane for the next day's show. Ok - we have the kain pelikat and may be come up with the tongkat- But Baju melayu and songkok in a moments notice. My children are all girls., Neighbour's sons are well above kakak's age. If we had- like a week I could easily borrow nephew afiq's- takkan nak pi Giant semata nak beli baju melayu for the day. I told kakak, bawak baju kebaya and that's it. Why can't the boys in her class bring all those. Apekebendelah cikgu ni!

Friday I took half day off, kononya since Saturday we were to have Open House naklah balik cepat. I went to SSM and Pure Flowers Enterprise is born!!! My maid had cooked the nasi impit Roast the potatoes and Boil ribs for the next day. We went to Giant for the rest of ingredients.

Saturday, woke everyone up early and started to do bake bread, nasib baik menjadi- first time, kuah kacang, Lodeh and Chef wan's oxtail soup, but since I don't take oxtail - I used ribs and some big bones instead. Sambal udang and Rendang negeri Sembilan. DH cooked Mee bandung Muar.

We had a great time, Thank you for coming. Especially to my friend zi- I went to her house for Deepavali my goodness - jauhnya dari Sepang, Nani, Lana Helmi, Mak Z and Uncle Y( love those cup cakes!!) and Mak B, Din, noni, Ad , Mak Dah, Zul, Nora, Kak Jah and family . Sis I for contributing trifle, Shila and Epi. We had the Taman's Raya that day and contributed pizza and potato salad. Kakak's pizzas were a hit. I think she must have cooked 10 plus pizza that day. Everytime we served, habis, brought it down to the Taman's Raya Do, tak sampai 5 minutes habis and they wanted more!! Shila and Epi came around 11. Kakak altho sleepy, was very excited to see her cousins. Terus tak mengantuk- they watched dvd in the family hall - high school Musical and in my room- Arthur- I till half past 3. Tina excited she was that her cousins were around- slept late and woke up very early the next morning to play - or rather let her cousins watch her play.Kedekut of her toys.

Something someone said to me on Saturday had me smilling till now. When asked if I plan to have a baby, I told her that my biological clock is ticking- She said, I looked 32. 7 years younger!!

On Tuesday- went to Subang Parade to collect the prize cheque and Chicken Rice coupons frm Chicken Rice Shop in Carrefour Subang. Mak B, Uncle M, the director of Chicken Rice Shop and the CEO of Yayasan were there. Makan Chicken Rice for lunch. I like the Pie Tie.

Deepavali- Went to zi's house in Rawang. Thot of going to Sungai Buloh but DH took wrong turns and when we got there it was already dark. The roads in Klang Valley change ever so often that you hardly recognise them. Kakak wanted a long plain black skirt for her Choral speaking on Monday- Puas pusing satu Alamanda tak jumpa. I hope she can bring it on MOnday. May be I will sew the skirt this weekend.


MAMAMIA said...

I had the same problem nak cari baju for my girl's concert that day. Dapat tahu last minute, tak tahulah, cikgu beritahu lambat or my girl yg terlupa nak pass the information. Last2 pakai apa yg ada aje...

Minahsongeh said...


Tulah yang geramnya. For the days leading to Friday to my daughter ada cerita tentang the raya do kat sekolah tapi dia tak pulak mention baju melayu- i even suggest dia pakai kebaya. Cikgu kata kalau tak bawak baju melayu tak payah masuk.