Tuesday, November 27, 2007


On Saturday, spent the morning making bodyscrub, lipgloss and moisturiser. We went to Shila's Barbecue. Then off to my mum's.

Mum bought thai frangipangi/plumeria/kemboja siam for me. You always find the kemboja on graveyards. Asians believe it provide shelter to ghost and demons. At first I was reluctant to accept the plant, and my mum looked dissappointed. I told myself to stop acting superstitious, and thanked my mom.

The Siam version looks different from the ones I usually see here. The leaves are a bit pointy and the flowers are smaller.

The next day, I decided to follow my mum to the little market infront of SPCA Ampang and visit Raju, the kemboja seller. And to my delight he had a few polybags of what looked like Lavenders. I asked him whether they are Lavenders- slightly fragrant - he confirmed it. And they were cheap - RM4 a polybag. I do hope they are Lavender . Can anyone confirm it? Elated that I am I've decided to blog the properties of Lavender in the Pureflower organics blog. I also bought a two polybags of tiny red don'tknowwhatitscalled flowers.

Left my lavender Right Lavender off the net . Maybe mine is the terbantut version?

We stopped by at Shila's, ( kids slept over) brought fresh clothes for the kids, thot we'd go to Mak M's. The plan was cancelled as Atuk C passed away, Al fatihah, and Mak M was on the way to Muar. Instead we went to Mines- jam giler- DH bought tickets for enchanted, went back home to Sepang - to drop of the already wilted kemboja, the other two flowers looked ok. And off to C*C Cy**rj**a. Adik and kakak couldn't believe it's a kindergarten. Susah jugak nak persuade Tina- she was set on going to a school with a swimming pool. In the end we thot we'd look around for alternatives.

Then we went to see Enchanted. Disney laughing at Disney. It started off like Sleeping Beauty, then a bit like Snow White, the Cinderella and ended a twisted version of Sleeping Beauty. Story ok- Amy adams is funny and sweet and Patrick Dreamy is exactly that!! Even this near 40, mother of three pun drooled.

At Night watched Muzik Muzik. A bit dissappointed Fiq was not included in the finals, his performance was very good and I liked the song. Altho Sofaz's song was good, I thot the singer did not do a good job. Siti of course sounds her usual good self, but I don't like the song , I thot Jaq's song was better. Mawi oklah.. better than usual I thot and the song was good, as expected by the talented M Nasir. Misha's voice was flawless.


fifi said...

I say man. Mana you beli pokok lavender tu? Kena tipu bulat-bulat daaa. Memang sah bukan pokok lavender. The leaves definitely do not correspond to what lavander leaves should look like but if you can post a better picture we can perhaps correctly identify what plant it actually is. Fifi & Abar

Minahsongeh said...

Thanks fifi for confirming. I realised the leaves looked different. I'll try to take a better photo.

I realised this when updating the new blog on species of lavender.

fifi said...

Zue, come over lah, can have as much lavender as you need :) my fav has to be the Hidcote variety, best colour and tak 'serabai' sgt..g'luck dear

maklang said...

mana nak cari lavender tu...maklang nak jugak se-2 polibag!

Minahsongeh said...

Come there tak tau lah bila..

"lavender' minah tu minah beli dekat pasar kecil depan SPCA Ampang Jaya- ada tiap hari Sunday.

MAMAMIA said...

I'm clueless pasal bunga2 ni..

Bilalah agaknya nakintroduce my kids the cinema going experience. The last time I tengok wayang rasa2nya 12 yrs ago..

Helena said...

mmm.... dah lama tak gi tat part of Ampang. Used to hang around there, buy mags (lotsa them) and rest VCDs....

My eldest just went to see Enchanted yesterday .... tapi dia kata boring.... heran gak....

Minahsongeh said...


Minah pergi kalau ada Cartoon or action. Kalau pi pun selalu dengan anak2 aje.

Helena Minah mmg dibesatkan kat Ampang and my mum lives there.Magazines memang banyak kat situ. VCD dekat Ampang Point aje sekarang kot.

Actually Enchanted tu bak kata husband I predictable.