Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Raya 2007

I took Thursday and Friday 11th and 12th off. Kononnya nak buat biscuit raya. I have three daughters apa lagilahkan. On thursday, morning, Kakak, adik and i started to make the pineapple tart. Usually I'd just kepal2 kan and shape it like the pineapple- easy but the last time i made them tarts was 12 years ago- masa anak dara and this year i thot I'd make a different shape- flower and star. Didn't think it would be too difficult Wrong- Bila masak the thingy went kembang and the jam seems shrunk.. and as I used butter- taste great!! it was very soft and didn't look as nice. Sigh.. here's where DH and I argued. I prefer ok looking but taste nice, he prefers both. Like the sambal tumis- my sambal tumis is well liked my sister, who would insist I cook it everytime we're at my mum's, by my sis in law etc- but DH things it does not look appealing ( huh- translated as tak ada minyak mengenang2 on top- it's because I used less oil).. Anyway..

Because the dough was soft, I had to do the acuan thing while adik put on the jam and kakak had nothing to do. In the end she baked chocolate chip cookies- three adunan no less - and the chocolate biscuits shaped like gingerbread man, stars, flowers and so forth- two adunan. That's my girl!! She was so excited she managed all the measuring, cutting with the cutter(?), and decorating with the help of Tina and Bibik. She finished baking the cookies and her mum still terhegeh2 with the tarts.

The next day, Friday, went to mum's. Mum and her maid cooked rendang, peanut sauce and boiled ketupat, while kakak, adik and I slaved away with the kuih gunting- speaking of kuih gunting- sorry izan for not making them last year. We cut 2 kilos of kuih gunting plus moi had to fry them as well. Well worth it tho.

Saturday, Raya !!! Mum and bro iji went to Linggi for prayers and singgah abah's cemetary. I had ehem- best friend with me so i didn't go. After the prayers, We went to uncle Fuad's, then to my aunt's in Shah Alam. In the evening we went to Mak B's. Yum yum.. Then off to Kluang.. Reached Kluang around 11. Tina didn't want to sleep.

The next morning we went to Mazran's new abode for breakfast. Nice house!!

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