Wednesday, October 31, 2007


What is Qigong or Chi Kung? Tai Chi is a part of Qigong. There are a few branches- Shaolin- martial arts. I have been reading about Qigong and found it to to be beneficial for health. You know me, anything considered good for health sibuklah nak belajar. The research on Qigong started before puasa. I found a few means of taking up Qigong.

The first article I read on it was by Dr Amir Farid, a gynae. Found his website on He has a 2 days seminar coming up in Dec 1 in PJ, which initially I thought I would join.. But the price is a bit steep for me RM 700. And in December- banyak commitment what with the road tax etc. There are also classes conducted by him and another in Plaza Damas at around RM350 a month.. Sigh.

A colleague of mine told me she took up Qigong a few years back but she started to feel bad vibes - you may attract bad chi and you have to like, deflect them so she didn't continue. She took the class for just 10 ringgit a month.

I found a well received course on consisting of DVDs and book by Ken Cohen, Essential Qigong Training Course which cost around RM400 . There is also another Beginner's DVD which had good reviews costing around RM 60.

A while back Shila send me an email on article on the Star. I called and last week I got an email that they'll start the class on November and it's on weekends and weekdays- in Kepong and TTDI. Cost RM500 a month!!

Last week there was an article in the Star about the matter. This time volunteers, who had 'graduated' conduct classes with the master at community halls, schools in Puchong, Kajang, Mines, PJ etc. Cost around RM 30 a month. Initially you'd pay around 100 for uniforms and annual fee. Sounds promising. But the class starts around 8 at night weekdays- and since the nearest is Puchong, I don't know sempat ke.. kena berlabuh somewhere for maghrib and jam ke puchong tu at that time? Selalu masuk highway terus to KLIA.

The next day there was another article in the Star - a master from China will conduct a Qigong class. Ramainyalah yang jump in the Qigong bandwagon. I didn't ask for details.

Searching the net , I found the was a Qigong class in Lake club Putrajaya by a muslim master from China. Sounds interesting. Called lake club kata member aje boleh join and they don't know when the next class will be held.

I have bought two books on Qigong two weeks a go - one by Eliae Linwood- tak clear sangat and difficult to do the steps from the photograph in the book, ( altho she did mention that a master qigong should not charge so much for a class ) and another by a malaysian lawyer - Indispensable Qi gong for people on the Go, who had severe osteoporosis and was cured. The latter included a VCD on the stances mentioned in the book. While it is small , it is quite good . I t went straight to the stances, nothing about the history, or what is CHi- there was a foreword by Dr Amir. The book or VCD didn't show fluid movement from beginning to end- just a stances to do, for high/low blood pressure, when you are sick, while travelling, for constipation. I did A few- ok jugak especially the sick part- cleared up my blocked nose and cough- plus I took ginger, honey and lemon juice every morning. Ubat dr tak usik pun.

I have also read an article on the net about the possibility Qigong involving Jinn etc. Eh? While the article sounds convincing - one muslim convert who is from China debunk the article as the facts were not altogether there. The history was all wrong, the research done in one university couldn't be found. Nevertheless we need to be careful jugak. The article also put yoga down as associating with jinn- some types maybelah.. those involving spiritual or some form of meditation may be against Islam but the physical part of it, I don't think so.

So what now.

I've decided to buy the beginners DVD. I don't want to spend so much and later found, this is not for me. Lagi pun I don't want to go in to class halfway , then stopping because of the distance or timing. After DVD, I may consider attending classes by muslim masters, if the location is ok. Plaza Damas is out of my way, if there is a public transport I'd consider- tak trust nak pi Damansara on my own- may be I'll get DH to sit beside me driving for the first class. 8 o'clock weekdays qigong is definitely out.


MAMAMIA said...

Qigong ngan Tai Chi sama tak? I pun should join these forms of exercise. Badan rasa lenguh2 memanjang.

Kalau beli DVD & do it on your own, the effect tak sama. Sebab tak da org nak push & guide kita. Tapi, for a start oklah...

Minahsongeh said...


Tai chi tu another form of Qigong jugak.

I pun nak join sebab semenjak dua menjak ni the usual streneous exercises not appealing to me. Yoga good jugak tapi rasa certain pose tu tak boleh bawak. Jogging is hard on the knees. I thot tai chi and qigong looks doable.