Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Course, shopping and Nadya's Birthday

On Friday, went to Seksyen 7 SA's to buy ingredients for kuih tart. Thot I'd do them on Sunday as Saturday I had a full day course. Tak sempat !!

On Saturday went to Hotel S**g**s** in PJ. Took the KLIA express from Salak Tinggi to KL sentral and later to Taman Jaya. Passed the Robinsons at Mid Valley. Wish I was going there instead. Punyalah susah nak jumpa the hotel. I am really hopeless when it comes to PJ. I remember the station - saw it when we went to Amcorp mall. But had no idea how to get on to the hotel. A kind soul showed me the way after seeing how tercanggak canggak I was. Ikut jalan belakang. I saw the Ittar college, tak sangka I was actually at the back entrance of the hotel. After tercanggak2 again I was shown the ballroom where the course was held. I was late- what else is new- I should have made sure I caught the 6.30 train from salak tinggi. Bila missed that train had to wait for the 7 o'clock train- reached there around 8.45 instead of 8.30. Boss was already there.. oops..

Anyway although the course was a whole day course- it was interesting tak sedor masa dah berlalu. During lunch time i nipped to Amcorp Mall- planned dah lama - and eversince Haq told me about the the bookstores with cheap books, I had been wanting to go there. So I tottered there. There were at least two stores selling secondhand books, and two other stores selling 1) usual priced books and the other at half priced. I was like in book heaven. As usual when browsing for books I lost track of time- had to take a cab back.

I thot of skipping the last module on white collar crimes and the impact on Economy, but they say I had to stay on to get the certificate- SSM's orders. So by the time I got back home it was 7 and DH and the girls had gone for buka posa, while I had to savage whatever there is in the house- not much- the maid did not cook much. I cooked the sambal tumis requested by sis Ida and when DH and the kids got back, we went to Ampang. Phew


Made DH and the kids leave the house at half past 10 for shopping at Me*** J**a. Dapat 150 ringgit vouchers- so apa lagilah.. used it to buy dressses for the kids. Claimed the voucher and a free gift ( DH wanted bag instead of mugs) , then went to choose baju raya budak2. Came out from the store a happy shopper, as I got 80 ringgit cash voucher, a kurma gift and another bag from M**y***k for using their credit card..

Around 6.30 we arrived at Mak B's house. Nadya looked ever so sweet in her purple dress with a matching purple mum. Lana and baby Haiqal was there - Mimi and baby Eusoff!! cute betul!!..

Food was glorious.. Nasi Ayam, Mee Bandung, Bubur Lambuk, Roti Arab, Rojak Buah, Drummets, Briani Daging. Yummy!! Now the PIX.

More picturea at Izreen's Izan's


MAMAMIA said...

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin..

Nak raya pun sempat lagi shopping for books??

Minahsongeh said...


Selamat HariRaya to you and your family!!

Apa nak buatkan bookworm gitulah..Rain or shine- Raya or not.