Monday, September 17, 2007

Selamat Menyambut Ramadan and Congratulations Mimi

Ramadan is here. As of today my kids- camillia and Camarina have not missed a day. I'm so proud of them especially Camarina as this year is the first year she completed puasa a day.. Now dah 5 days!! I took the day off on Thursday as I had to go somewhere and then to SIC. A friend of mine wanted a set of skincare- she has been asking for it for the past few months.. Apara.. nak jual ke tak.. While I was there I made rounds and sold all the trial pack that I had and had to send one more the next morning!!

Anyways, Adik came back from school wanting to drink.. to distract her I brought her along to SIC and later on to stationery store. When I came back kakak, who took a nap looked more tired than Camarina. Tina was not well.. macam orang posa jugak tak makan.

Congratulations Mimi,Kiki, Uncle F and Aunty R on new addition to the family.. Ablen Eusoff!!

Saturday. we went to Shila's parents house for buka posa.Later on we went to Shila and Epi's new mansion.. Wah !! We were impresssed on how big it is. Boleh golek2!!

Sunday spent the morning depan tv- CSI marathon. Then went to Melawati for food.. Wah ramainya orang.. Berasak2.. Actually I don't quite like going to pasar ramadan.. harga mahal.. quality tak tentu, sometimes boleh dapat diarrhea.. Prefer masak sendiri kat rumah.. But some stalls in Melawati, memang worth going to. Mum and I specially went to Mek kelate stall which arwah abah frequently go to. Then nampak tahu bakar.. ni susah sikit nak jumpa.. usually dekat johor.. Murtabak I'd always buy.. as it is rich..I'd only have it bulan puasa. There is also air kathira.. only can find in johor.. nanti balik Kluang, kena pi beli. And the famous popiah in Kampung Pandan- perhaps next week.. I remember one ramadan I almost fainted, pregnant with Qistina, teringin nak rasa.. in the end someone else had to queue- sebab panjang yang amat( always long queue for this particular stall). And speaking of Kampung Pandan, trip would not be complete if you miss the masak lomak cili padi daging salai..

Dh went to Kampung Baru with the kids to get the famous bubur lambuk. Panjang queue. But worth it!!


MAMAMIA said...

Kat Pasar Ramadan, I always go to stalls yg I'm familiar with ie yg dah kenal rasa & quality masakan.

Selalunya beli kueh, & desserts aje, sebab anak2 ni, lain2 request. Kalau nak buat sendiri rasa tak berbaloi pulak.

Minahsongeh said...

I pun try to go to familiar stalls especially in Malawati or Kampung Pandan. But here in Sepang, I tak ada particular stalls that I like and sometimes when I do find, the year after dah tak ada.

Samalah.. beli kueh selalunya.. kalau setakat dua orang makan - anak2 tak suka sangat kueh melayu- suruh try pun tak nak. I pulak suka..

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