Friday, September 21, 2007

Sad Month

It has been a sad month for us all. Kids are not safe anymore- so many monsters around. Of course these things happened before. I remember the case, a girl was found in guard house and the other in a drain, all taken not far from their house.

Who should we blame - the parents, the kids?

When I was in the UK, I always wondered why the mat and minah salleh's put their children on harness. I thot macam anjing di buatnya. But now having children of my own- especially one yang terlebih active - I understand. You can hold her hands, then suddenly she wants to see something she'd try to break free and run.

Hilang anak ni selalu jadi kalau kat shopping complex. I lost Tina once. We were busy putting bags on her push chair, nak balik dah, when we turned she was gone. My heart stopped at that moment. We went to the nearby Mc D playground thot she'd be there tapi tak ada.. Later on Lana saw her going towards the car park and ran towards her.

I told my daughters especially kakak and adik (tried tina tapi tak paham), do not follow strangers or even those you know without informing us. Do not walk anywhere alone or accept rides from people claiming they are nice/baik.

I hope whoever involved in the kidnapping of Nurin and the killer of the girl in the bag ( if she is not Nurin, she is someone else's daughter), is caught. Bulan Ramadan ni, kita doa that anak2 kita semua selamat dari setan2 yang bertopengkan manusia ni and that whoever involved are punished. Amin


©Opah De said...

Salam MS...
Semoga roh adik Nurin dicucuri rahmat dan diletakkan di syurga. Amin.
OD doa agar binatang tu cepat ditangkap supaya tak ada lagi anak-anak yang menjadi mangsanya.
Dah habis dah baca LOTR?

MAMAMIA said...

Bila keluar shopping or jalan2, we make it a habit, there must always be one adult in front, & one adult at the back. Anak2 tengah2 & mesti pegang tangan...

Kes Allahyarhamah Nurin ni memang menakutkan. Simpati sangat dengan MakAyah dia.

Minahsongeh said...


Alfatihah untuk Nurin.

LOTR- tak boleh habis or even pass page 6. Selalunya however boring the book I will try to finish what I start but with this particular book..either my mind wanders or tertidur.

Good idea that. Now minah drummed into my children's head pegang tangan everytime or I'd have them sit in front of me when choosing things.

Kes nurin ni memang every parents' nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Dear Minah

U don't know me but I read one of your previous blog about dressmaking. I am really interested in dress making but can't seem to find a sewing class around KL/ PJ. I do not want to join a design academy as it is quite expensive and I have to be involved full time. I planned to indulge in dressmaking as a weekend hobby. Hope that u can give me some addresses/ contacts. Thank you. Would appreciate it if u can kindly mail me at

Minahsongeh said...

Dear Wei ling,

Thanks for dropping by. I have emailed you the sewing class I used to go to.