Monday, September 10, 2007

Chillis, birthday and baby

On Thursday, zi, who recently got confirmed - new job, wanted to treat intan, nani and I. We decided to go before the fasting month- and since Intan couldn't make it weekends we decided to go on Friday night. I suggested Chili's @ Midvalley. I love the food at Chili's we always go to the one in KLCC - although the service is kureng- at least the one in KLCC, always have to wait at least an hour- even tho the restaurant wasn't full but because the portion is big, reasonably priced compared to other western restaurant and the fact that kids eat free- we close one eye.

Intan still couldn't make it on Friday, and zi agreed to treat us, we postponed it to Saturday, around 11am- more time- at least we'd be back while it is still daylight.

Cum Saturday. of course I decided to bake banana muffins in the morning- The banana tree berbuah so we have like two tandans of pisang. Then kelam kabut, tina wanted fried noodle, adik and DH wanted toasted Sardine Sandwiches so by the time we got out it was eleven.

We ordered Mushroom Jack, Tostarda chips with the delicious beef queso and salsa- and as it was bottomless- we had three helpings of that, Beef and Chicken Ribs and trips to Chilli's is never complete without Molten Chocolate. We had whale of a time. I calculated- I consumed like 1700 calories in that sitting alone. But I enjoyed it tho..


After Chilli's Dh, kids and I went to Uncle F's house to celebrate the twins- Fara and Adam's Second birthday.

I of course was too full. According to Mak M, the roti canai, fish and chips and salad was delish.

Fifi looked good, she lost lots of weights.. The twins looked so adorable.


ADAM having a go at Pinata

After the party we headed to Mak Z house to see baby Haiqal.

Baby Haikal is Solah cute.. Tina likes him so much that she asked me if we can buy a baby like Haiqal. We watched daddy Helmi changed Baby Haikal ..Wah a few days and already and expert. Lana looked well. Please go to Lana's blog for baby haiqal's delivery. Mak Z and Uncle Y looked so happy with their cucu . WE had dinner and scones..

Mak Z's hot newly baked scones were delicious.

Baby Haiqal . Tina with Mak M.

I actually lost 2kgs on Saturday morning before the melantak. Probably due to a week of Wulong/oolong tea which made me feel full, intra and T-tapp. After I got back from the eating frenzy, I weigh and I actually gain back a kilo.. Sigh.. But no matter.. I enjoyed the company and food!!


MAMAMIA said...

Wow! Meriahnya makan2... Sebelum puasa ni, selagi boleh semuanya nak makan kan?

Tina dah ready nak adik tu. So, apa tunggu lagi???

Minahsongeh said...

Tulah dia. Sedang try ni.. Hari tu ada problem sikit, hopefully dah ok.