Friday, September 07, 2007

Banks, Merdeka fireworks and Floria.

Last Thursday got very pis**d with a particular bank,- which changed the one day clearance for cheques from 4 pm to before two on the 27th August, without properly inform their customer. on the 27th mind you..not on 1st of September ke.. website tak ada tapi kat ATM machine ( would u go to ATM machine to deposit cheque) ada..Cheque deposit machine- tak ada..

I've always had problem with this bank. It started when my maid wanted to send money to Indonesia and the clerk was like layan tak layan. I told him hey.. even tho she's a maid, she's using your service and he replied.. Alah setakat berapa sen commission ni make no diffrence to the bank. I got into very heated agreement with him and his officers- buat tak nampak aje.. Patutlah bank ni payah nak di rescue.. they have to look into the attitude of their employees. Tukar beribu kali nama pun make no difference. Then there was the time when my money didn't come out when I withdrew but they deducted from my balance. I had to go to and fro from my main bank to that particular bank macam ping pong ball. Then There was the time when I wanted to open islamic account. They promoted it heavily when I was there, dah bukak they said if my company's account is conventional it'd take 3 days for cheques to clear. Apa kej*d*hnya.

But really, dealing with banks now is really a hassle. Close on Saturday , so we have to go visit during office hour/ lunch time. Queue to put in the darn cash/ cheques in the machine .. sometimes dok dalam bank jugak..kena jugak pi masa office hours or if ada they are outside the bank they are not working and you've got to go to various branches. Clearing bukanlah punya lama even tho its house cheque.

Boleh buat online.. yes but some transaction you can't .. nak bayor credit card some banks tak boleh.. you have to have a saving or current account to transfer. Dah satu hal..

Enough berleter pasal bank. Thursday night DH, who's Yang Dipertua PIBG and my two girls went for doa selamat UPSR , then we go and see fireworks - PICC and i thot it'd be around 10.30. We got there around 10 dah ramai orang. There -- was actually at the bridge from Sepang tu Putrajaya and both sides of the bridge banyak kereta two lanes lagi..the girls and baba was restless tunggu lama sangat. Fireworks was really good tho.. thot I'd post the photos but DH recorded it on video mode.

On Saturday went mum's house , ida baked chocolate muffin while I baked the chocolate molten cake.. macam chilli's kononnya.. Taste oklah.. not like Chilli's but passlah.

On Sunday went to Floria- Minah bunga like me takkan miss events like this. Drooling over gazebos and garden, orchids, floral arrangement. Bough Stevia- the herb that taste like sugar but with zero calories, some benih terung, kangkung, Tenggek burung- ( i've grown to love eating this as ulam,), pegaga, serai wangi, mangga.

Will post pix later.

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