Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend frenzy


I was supposed to send DH to workshop,- car ready kononnya- and then off to work. But then the car alarm went off and pueh den tokan2 tak stop2. Called Proton I care -

close all doors and press a dot thingy next to hazard light for 20 seconds-

It didn't work.

Switch engine off, open the front..

.the alarm stopped.. sigh.. I thot I had burst my eardrums.

Battery dead- kaput..

Called Ana, explained to her the situation- she volunteered to exchange with me..for next Saturday ..Waaa... I thot I could finish my reports that day. Sigh..

Dh called taxi to drive him to In*i College, rent a car, drove to the workshop- apparently his car can't be released - insurance has not given thumbs up yet..bought battery for my car.

DH tried to tinker with the battery- nut tak boleh bukak, tikus..

sorry sayang, thank you- jumpstart the car and drove back to the workshop.

I learnt two lessons that day- how to jumpstart car- but I 'd probably have to call DH for help if I encounter the same problem-

and lesson two- duh- do not leave your handphone outside.

I got a phone call from don't know who. called back no answer, I thot - maybe from office- the person will call me back. As I was weeding, pruning and putting on fertiliser around the graden, I put the phone on the slide. Finished gardening - went inside totally forgot about the handphone. It rained...heavily. DH saw the phone- and asked kakak to pick it up.Kenapa tak nak pick up for me I don't know. I almost cried. I don't want to but a new handphone- apart from there is no allocation for it this month- i haven't found a phone that I want to buy. I thot N76 was nice- colour pun purfect..but review was bad. The new thin samsung looks nice but still not worth substituting the old phone for. I slide the phone open- white light- sounds perfectly ok- taklah macam masuk air. DH advised that I used the hair dryer to dry it off. I pun buatlah- after a while I could see the screensaver when turned on but still ada strips of colours pecah2..Wail!! Then I heat it again- it went white on me again. Almost given up, I went upstairs and recharge my old phone and search for zi's number as I was supposed to meet zi after work to give her the regenerative serum- decided to change its name from anti ageing. Nasib baik ada from the old messages.

Half an hour later I switched on the phone again- perfect. Syukur alhamdullillah I don't have to buy a new phone.

I then went to the kitchen to start on making new batch of cleanser- I've finished mine and Intan wanted a new order. I also made a new batch of serum for mak u and myself.

Dh had to meet a few guys at Lake Club Putrajaya. We had no idea how to get there. We had to return the rented car and find our way there. At first Dh wanted to drop us of at Alamanda. I thot.. dah selalu pi- might as well pi Lake Club aje. The view from the Club was breathtaking, I could see the mosque . The kids wants to go in a boat but I don't want to go without their father. May be we'll make another trip later. Had dinner there and off to my mum's.


Mum and Amy planned to go to Linggi for Abah's batu nesan-tombstone. If she told me earlier we would have gone straight from our house, as Linggi is of course nearer to our house than mum's. And if we go to linggi, then we would go back to our house straight. Mentally- reminded myself to check her plans before going to her house next time. I had already planned to meet zi at Wan*a Ma*u Car**fo*r. Then we planned to go to Mak U's house around 5 - she wants a set too. Mum got back late from Linggi( she brought adik and kakak) by the time we reached Subang it was half past six.

Around half past eight we left for Sepang

Whew ..what a weekend.

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