Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One Satisfied Bookworm

On Saturday we went to my favourite sale- Payless bookstore at 3R. I would have gone on Friday if I had the time, not wanting to missed out on better books. Planned to see uncle Y with BIL and family.

DH ( rolling my eyes) had to go to the Seri Kembangan CIMB Bank. He does not have an ATM card- what nuisance- so everytime he ran out of money we have to go to Seri Kembangan, the MInes or if near Ampang to JJ wangsamaju - CIMB banks opens on Saturday or Sunday. Yeah- I 've told him to get the d**n card. His branch is in Malacca and whenever he has to take it- tak ada. typical of the bank- Two other banks I have accounts with - ATM card could be collected at the nearest branch. Yelah I have one in middle of KL and another in Ampang- kalau nak ambik card gitu- I'd have to take a day off, since banks except CIMBs do not open Weekends- except of course in KLCC. Or maybe it's his trick. I know I wouldn't want to be in that situation.

Bank not opened on Saturday is another issue that gets to me. Everyone nak buat banking during lunch hours. The poor cash machine deposit pun nak mogok. Yang geramnya one bank having the largest branches in Malaysia, cash deposit machine in the bank- lahabau betul - still have to go during banking hours.

Ok. The bank at Seri Kembangan Offline. Sigh... So had to go to the Summit- Oklah I thought- since I have to restring my rose quartz bracelet.- I am so gaga over gemstones/cystals - especially coloured ones. Just can't keep off them. And I bought two - totally unplanned. As it was a good bragain. One cost 135 and the other 185 but they offred me 200 for both ape lagi.... One is clean Quartz and Emethyst- AAA quality, no inclusion and the other I have never seen before - Sugilite. Cantik betul-

Then pusing2 the mall to search for new game boy advance catridge for the girls. Found Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix at a very reasonable price.- ( after Dh went up and down the mall). Thot of buying Lara Croft the Legend- (we've been looking for the PC game tak jumpa), decided nantilah dulu. Speaking of Lara Croft - I remember 9 years ago- DH and I were crazy over the game. The Legend is the same as the first Lara Croft but with better graphics.

Hahaha- Shila and Lana now you know why we were late. Then we went to Payless' sale. Tons and tons of book. Some 5 at RM 12, some 70% and kids books especially those you find usually around RM 16- 17 tu at just RM3. I found who moved the cheese- been wanting to buy the book for ages- at RM 20- expensive by payless standard as no other book cost that much but buy it somewhere else- it'll cost more. I spend RM100 on two plastic bags. 10 mystery novels, 2 books on health ,10+ children books, an art book, a Baby book for Lana. i am so happy!!

By the time we reached Mak Z's Shila and Lana left. .Sorry!! Izan and Izreen were there.

Had dinner . My kids especially Qistina loved Mak Z's masak lemak and baked fish, had helpings.

On Sunday is terpleot in the house day. Around 5 we went to Cyberjaya Community centre. The kids had lovely time swimming.

Camillia suggested we go to Bagan Lalang for the hols. She wants to go fishing. The kids current favourite food is crab. Even Qistina, who's fussy about what she takes- chicken and beef tak makan- you wonder how she got to the size- loves crab. With qistina you have to coax her to try, or she'd say no immediately but once she likes the food, she'll want it everyday. Yesterday, we had beef masak lemak cili padi. Kakak will only eat the beef, she doesn't like the spicy gravy. Qistina will have the gravy only-she loves hot gravy even eat sambal- only with rice and adik will eat both gravy and beef.

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