Saturday, August 18, 2007


Cqistina -the baby of the family, turned 4 last may. Friday, I took the day off and spent some time with her. She now knows to spell TINA, MAMA, BABA, CAT, KAKA ( minus the K ) and believe it or not H-A-N-T-U. ( Adik taught her how to spell hantu). She's a really adorable, bright little girl- being her mom I'm biased.

Well yesterday.. she was playing with this toy that looked like a worm/snake.

Mama ni snake..

it's a worm

Mama tengok ni- snakelah mama

true enough- the snake/ worm thingy have something that looked like rattle.

You are right Tina.. It's a rattlesnake
She's really like a sponge- altho sometimes kena ajar sikit manners- call anyone Hey or kalau nak dapat attention she'd said Hel- lo ..

yesterday I heard her said ..What the hell .Discussed with Dh manalah dia the expression.. well .. we didn't realised we used it often.

Lately she been saying.. Apasallah mama/ kakak/ adik ni.. I realised I've been saying that too. Isn't it funny you don't realise that its you're favourite expression until you heard it from someone.

once.. her baba took his car to install new radio- she followed me to a shop selling bridal stuff- when she walked to to DH's car someone else was there tinkering with his car-

Hel-lo what are you doing here-

she's really gutsy and loves attention. Well .. she is the centre of attraction wherever she goes.. MOst comment on her -can't breathe if you put your nose on- her pipi, or her non stop singing/talking ness. Tak boleh nampak stage, she'll want to go up to sing or dance. We had problem keeping her away from the stage when she was two, at adik's concert.

And you should see her pose.

She loves mermaids. Pantang nampak mermaid books, puzzle, poster or dolls sure nak. I bought her a mermaid jigsaw puzzle. After showing her once, where to put the pieces she can finish it on her own.

So after bonding with me at Alamanda- I asked her ..

Tina suka tak pi Alamanda dengan Mama


I asked again

Apasallah mama ni tanya sampai dua kali


Helena said...

Kids mmg selalu imitate kita... kadang2 after hearing them, barulah kita perasaan the things yg we always say.... hehe

come lotenya..... hehe

MAMAMIA said...

With kids around, kena cakap siang pandang2, cakap malam dengar2..

Terror lah Tina, baru 4 tahun dah pandai baca. Dah pergi kindy ke?

Superwomanwannabe said...


Minahsongeh said...

Betul tu. Actually kalau kita tengok anak2 kita- nampak they take take after our mannerisms.

Memang kena jaga sikit- Tina memmg selalu surprise us.. kalau cakap macam orang tua.
Dia belum pergi kindergarten. Minah aje dia slowly yang senang2.

Nectar said...

happy belated birthday to Tina