Friday, August 03, 2007

Afiq's birthday, immotelle

Nephew Afiq turned 9 last week and sis Ida held a family gathering at my mom's. She wanted me to make eclairs- we got crazy for eclairs when we lived in Kenny Hills. There was a bakery- with delicious eclairs. Manalah pernah buek eclairskan. I thot I'd try making fruit tarts instead- I just can't get enough of them- tak pernah try buat pun - I thot it'd be easier than eclairs. I printed out both recipes from the net but accidently left them together with my sets of skincare in the office. Dahlah I had appointment with another friend who wanted to see them (skincare) on Sunday.

So on Saturday, sent adik and kakak to school. Called Ida for the recipe, she said too complicated so decided on the fruit tart- DH wanted them tarts too...fruit tart ok..

Anyway by the time Ida called me , it was 11 and we went to giant. By the time we finished it was around 1. And the birthday party were to start at 4. So I brought everything to Ampang. Thot mum combination oven can bake. Tak boleh rosak - n'ces pas. Kakak wanted to bake chocolate chip cookies, so by the time i started it was 4. hehehe.. family affair anyway kan not as if ada tetamu. My mum's oven is the gas oven without temperature on. The first batch of cookies was a little bit hangit but the kids finished it anyway- My kids always finish what they bake. Kakak said it taste better that F@mo*s A**s. Angkat bakul. I used the small toaster oven- no temperature jugak. 1st batch jadi rentung.

oklah bukan macam store bought- got to try again with proper oven. After party went to KLCC with Qistina and Afiq- for Afiq's present. Went to Isetan and bought transformer's pencil case/ colour pencil and a book on robots at Kinokuniya. Afiq very happy with his presents. Apparently he has been asking for the pensil case but his mum said no. Mak long didn't ask him just straight went to Isetan and bought it. Later at home his mum told me that he asked for the very thing. Mak long dia sometimes psychic. Mak Long garang- always marah Afiq but kalau beli toys, or books as long as I thot it is reasonably priced I'd buy them. Even for my kids- sometimes tak payah mintak mama dia dah belikan.

My skincare response is quite good. Intan, having used it for a week thot very well of it. She used to buy S* I* , but had allergy reaction to the fragrance. I told her the toner although fragrant is made from distilled rose water- the by product of essential oil- (not essential oil plus water) and I specially chose the organic rose hydrosol so there is no artificial chemical, pesticide, fertiliser that could cause allergy- unless you are allergic to the plant. She also bought my antiageing serum which has frankinese, myrrh and vetiver.

She raved to a collegemate who wanted to meet me on Sunday but the appointment was postponed as she wanted to bring two more friends with her, who was not free on the day.

I have ordered Rose geranium and Immotelle , extra ingredient for the serum. Immotelle is supposed to be good for scars and bruises. Many rave on the effectiveness of the essential oil. Can't wait to try it.

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