Monday, July 16, 2007

Wedding and Camping

Last Thursday my tyre went flat. I panicked. Believe it or not since I took my license more than 10 years ago, I've never had to change my tyres on my own. And I didn't want to make that day an exception. Luckily I have't left the my office compound , so I went over to the guard house and asked for help. Th guard was inexperienced so I called a colleague, who turned out to be inexperience as well. But they helped me anyway- with calls to DH on how to take them out and put them on again. Alhamdullillah it happened before I left the compound, if it were to happen on the high way, I would have panicked. Baru tahu - changing tyres needs strength from the whole body to unlatch it and put it back on. Duh!

Anyways on Friday went to office late as had to tampal tayar. Thot the episode over until coming back from Cherakah found the tyre flat again. Alhamdullilah, we realised it around 5 in the evening. Elok jugak tak pi anywhere after Cherakah. Dh wanted to go to see transformers initially.

Fareen's wedding part two at Dewan Jubli Perak, Sultan Salahuddin Shah Building in Shah Alam. As the rehearsal was in Shah Alam and we were to spend the night at Mak M and Uncle R's place in Cherakah, we brought everything in the car, tents, pillows, dresses for the wedding. The rehearsal - to start on 10 and I thot we were late, Dh took the Hicom exit- traffic there was teribble even though it was Saturday- There was a stalled lorry apparently. The rehearsal didn't start until nearly 12. Haziq, Aishah, Kakak, Adik - initially the flower girls/boy. But Haziq couldn't stay still - , Cqistina had to replace him. Alamak kelam kabutlah her mama. Her sisters were to wear the dresses they wore at Izan's wedding . She couldn't fit in hers, so we brought her birthday dress which was pink. Takkanlah nak pakai pink dress when all the other flower girls wear ivory/ beige. Found out that Aishah, her partner, bought her dress at JJ. Went to JJ, found the dress but the size was just nice- Dh wanted a bigger size tapi tak ada. In the end we decided to buy it and if it gets too tight for her, adik will wear it. Usually younger sisters will take hand me downs in this case it'll be the the elder sister.

After JJ , went to Tesco to get tent for shila, SACC, for flowers - hair and basket then off to Cherakah. Around half past seven, went to Dewan Jubli Perak.

The flower girl thingy went ok. Except for times when Qistina looking ever so bored and rested her chin on her hands, sometimes asking for nyonyok- milk - on the went ok. It was her first time as flower girl- her sisters were veterans- their 4th .
The wedding was a mini reunion. All my uncles and aunties came, except Pak Ngah who - a bachelor- could not be contacted. We had to leave early to attend to a Mak M's barbecue. I was famished- didn't eat anything at the wedding , save for a pudding. Barbecue food was delish- My favourite Salad- Ceasar salad ada, prawns, potatoes, chicken, lamb.

Around midnite, we took our pillows and comforters and climbed up the hill. Idwan had set out two tents, DH set ours before we left for the wedding. We set up shila's and divided the kids among the two tents. The kids were excited - didn't sleep till late - I was too- my first camp out .

The next day around 4 am Dh and Shila went to KLIA to pick BIL flying from India. We slept in till around half six. The air was so fresh and cool. Nadine and I stretch ourselves much like the sun salutation in yoga. It was a really great experience. Must do again. We went down and had durian pre breakfast. Breakfast - tuna sandwich , prawn fritters, fried mee and kampung fried rice. At around 3 we left Cherakah. Thank you Mak M and Uncle R for a lovely weekend. I'll try to post pix tomorrow.


Dad of Four said...

Best nye camping! I have not in my entire life camp out of the house....!

Minahsongeh said...

Tu lah dia. Tu yang mama dia terlebih excited dari the kids. Siap ada comforter lagi underneath. Qistina asked for fan. May be next time bawak portable fan..hahaha camping in luxury.

MAMAMIA said...

Salam pekenalan. Bloghopped fr Helena.

Bestnya cerita camping dgn anak2 ni. The only camping experience my kids had was inside the house, dlm mickey mouse tent they all... Kesian anak2 I....

Minahsongeh said...

Salam perkenalan. Thank you mamamia for dropping by.

Betul best camping, altho mula2 rasa macam takut kalau ada benda2 yang tak diingini. Sebelum tidur baca doa beramai2. I heard someone said dekat janda baik ada good camp site near river. The area secure.