Friday, July 20, 2007

Potty for Potter

So lah excited today. Carrefour and Tesco are going to sell Dealthly Hallows for RM69.90. Just when I thot I'd go to Alamanda, Dh said only 3 stores will be selling them. So I thot I'd go to Tesco Puchong. Then called shila we discussed and thot what about Banting. Surely the queue would not be as long in Banting- sorry org Banting. I asked three Bantingites from the office- all three of them wouldn't read Harry Potter- ok I generalise but I do hope it's the majority- Sorry orang Banting.

Image from Scholastic

Yay!! I thot I'd have to wait a year. I actually waited a year for the Order of the Phoenix because I wanted to buy paperback- cheapskate ye- ( the book is less fun than the others) and borrowed Half blood Prince- sorry shila, lepas ni pulang. The last installment ni kalau tak beli cepat sure basi because everyone would be talking about it. I will miss harry potter after this book. Mana ada buku yang keluar serentak and siap ada orang curi lagi.

I thot of asking Dh to send girls to school tomorrow but he doesn't have a car tomorrow. Someone from the next lane crossed over to his lane , braked and DH banged his car. Yesterday he brought back Kia, then Kancil but would have to return the car today.

Tak Sabar nak pi Tesco Banting.!!!


Dad of Four said...

Really...69.90 is a steal!We are queueing at Kino...For the fun of it!

Nectar said...

Mahalnya, I kedekut nak beli buku mahal. Haritu masa tengok orang queue (dlm TV)for the book launch, I ingat susah sangat nak dapat buku tu. Esoknya kat WH Smith tengok banyak dan tak ada orang heran pun. Fikir dlm hati, aku tunggu keluar paperbacklah baru beli, tapi sambil tu tengok juga ending nak tau HP mati ke tak. Ha ha. Anyway, the following Monday, kat library bila tanya, the librarian kata baru je org pinjam the last copy. Tak sempat nak pergi lagi library tapi rasanya soon, I can borrow it. He he tak payah beli.