Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Potter weekend

On Friday evening, I started having contractions- hahaha that's what I told the doctor- I had severe diarrhea and cramping. The doctor told me to take 4 diarhea pills at a go. I was too weak, masuk anything, even drinking water made me rush to the loo.

The next morning, around 6.30 am, SIL Shila superwomanwannabe woke me up. She was already at Carrefour queueing with 70 plus people and told me Haq's at Kinokuniya, among 300 plus people queuing from 4 am. Yikes I thot, and I have to send kakak to the mosque for trip to Malacca , adik and Fatini ,the next door neighbour to solat camp. By 15 past seven I was already infront of my neighbours who was suprise we were early as the solat camp was suppose to start around 8. Sent the kids and off to Banting Tesco.

I have never been to Banting without DH , the furthest I've gone alone thereabouts was to Olak Lempik, don't know where Tesco was but according to my office mates it's easy to find. Around half past seven, my officemate who wanted one as well called, several times but somehow my phone was thrown to the back seat. To make thing worse there was this big and slow lorry in front of me.- I thot habislah... I brought a book just in case the queue panjang and worried as my tummy was still giving me problems.

Reached there around 8 am and..... no queue at all. I was the only one there. Apparently there were around 10 people there around 7.01. I was so excited. Bought two books, got a poster, bought peaches and bread. Ladidida dida..

Went back tried to read the first few pages but read half blood prince instead. Finished reading HBP on Sunday.

On Sunday, went out to the market to buy kesidang for Intan and started to cook rendang, kerabu mangga for the mini reunion with intan, nani and zi. At around 1 , reached intan's house, had lunch and had a good time reminiscing old times and catching up with current news.

Intan and I have known each other for 23 years, her being my classmate at MRSM Seremban and A levels, later on I went to Sheffield and London while she went to Derby and London . Nani and Zi were in the same primary school -31 years ago , later on went to MRSM Kuantan, A levels then Nani went to Huddersfield and Zi to Croydon, London. Nani , Intan and I were roomates during A level and Zi and I were partners in crime, teasing boys when we were doing our English course In Kuantan before A levels . The boys always thot Zi was the naughty one as I looked innocent when actually I was the culprit. Zi and I were housemates at Old Kent Road. After I came back from Malaysia, one summer holiday, my housemates all decided to move and refused to tell me why. I was supicious to see so many ayat quran on doors. Later on they told me someone saw a girl ghost in the house.

We were quite loud- Qistina, my 4 year old, actually came to us and ask to lower down our voice a few times.

We enjoyed the day, promised that we'd do it again. Afterwards, went to sis Ida's house and then to IOI Mall to watch Order of the Phoenix.


Dad of Four said...

Habis baca Hallows? We are sort of discussing and revising it now...!LOL

Minahsongeh said...

Dah! I've finished it- can't wait to discuss it with Epa, who will probably finish it today, since he's home the whole day.

Helena said...

hope u r feeling better now.

Bestnya dapat jumpa kawan2 reunion. Mesti best talk about the good old times kan....

Minahsongeh said...

Thanks helena, I am better now.

Mem,ang best jumpa kawan lama. If jumpa for open house maybe susah sikit nak berborak. We thot of going for high tea tapi budak2lah nanti bored. Dekat rumah senang at least occupied tak kacau, except of course when qistina asked us to lower our voices.

Superwomanwannabe said...

isnt it disgusting how zi looks exactly as she usd to

Nectar said...

wah best reunion. Haritu balik Malaysia 2 minggu, tak sempat nak mkn kerabu mangga. Kat kedai yg ada semuanya mangga masak, then kat kedai makan pun tak ada jual.

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