Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Haha can't write the title ..don't know why the cursor refuse to go to the title. Anyway, my last post was abandoned halfway. Even I found myself bored to death reading it. Should I continue.. Well It is just a reminder to myself, who constantly needed to be reminded. Reason the explanation was long because I myself needs convincing.

3. Take L Carnitine daily
I read a 60 year old Dr Susan Lark who at 60 plus had more energy than she was younger and she advocate taking L- Carnitine, Co enzyme Q10, Vitamin C, Calcium vit D and Beta Carotene. Except for the last three I had all the three. Makannya sekali sekala saja.

What's L Carnitine?-
Carnitine, or L-carnitine, is a naturally occurring substance found in most cells of the body, particularly the brain and neural tissues, muscles, and heart. Carnitine, whose structure is similar to choline, is widely available in animal foods (meat, poultry, fish and dairy products), whereas plants have very small amounts

Results of studies with L Carnitine

Exercise -- Carnitine improves recovery after heavy exercise. Carnitine may be of use in improving the exercise capacity of people with peripheral arterial disease. Carnitine moderately improves the duration of exercise and time to recovery in patients with chronic stable angina.
Fatigue -- Carnitine may improve fatigue in certain conditions, including cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. Carnitine decreases the severity and type of fatigue induced by interferon-alpha in the treatment of patients with hepatitis C. Administration of carnitine to healthy elderly subjects resulted in a reduction of total fat mass, an increase of total muscle mass, and appeared to exert a favorable effect on fatigue and serum lipids (see study below).
Fertility -- Carnitine and acetyl carnitine therapy is effective in increasing fertility and sperm-semen quality (see study below).

Weight Loss -- The combination of l carnitine, choline, and caffeine has a mild effect on weight loss

ok cukup.

Happy Birthday Kakak

On the 1st July was kakak's 10th birthday. We all went out to Chilli's on Sunday 1st July. The last time we went there was with Abah, he insisted on paying for the molten choc thingy, as it was his grandchildren's favourite.
The trip to KLCC would not be complete without a trip to Kinokuniya - the bookworm that I am. Instead of buying Victorian mysteries or herbal books this time I bought a Motivational book- I 'm in need for motivation something-need that big kick on the a**. Songs that goes on and on in my head is the song by Queen- I want to Break Free.

Congratulation Fareen
On the 7th we went for my cousins wedding. We went to Masjid Persekutuan around 10.30am. Bride came around 11.15am. Then went to Bride's house and ate. After eating went in again with kompang and groom.

After wedding, went to Bangsar Village to search for kakak's present- she wanted cross stich set. I used to go to Quilt Gallery shop in Damansara Perdana- they taught us to sew girls' dress, and they've moved to Bangsar Village- last time I heard. I went there overdressed- with baju kebaya and high heel- should have just throw the heel because my god- nak tercabut kaki. I actually bought a pair of shoe there- wouldn't buy them in different circumstances but I was desperate.

After going thru all floors I couldn't find the shop. Probably moved again. ( Search the Net today, Found it there- in an obscure place) . Went to MPH instead and bought a book on Organic skincare.. .... Went to IOI mall- hoped that shop didn't move.. Luckily it didn't. Adik wanted one as well so I bought two.

I usually go to Ampang's Cottage Patch for Ribbon Embroidery or Smocking books, but we were nearer to Bangsar than Ampang, I thot we'd go there. I used to prefer embroidery to cross stitch - to me it looks nicer altho cross stitch looks somewhat easier. Probably I thot cross stitches are less a challenge or less likely to be abandoned half way hahaha. I have got lots of ribbon embroidery books, smocking books but never actually started them Maybe what I need is a sewing project to break out of the 'I want to break free' mode.