Monday, June 11, 2007

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Sorry Haq, So late response to the tag. For some weird reason I can post my blog but can't see the publish post at work-its blocked. Problem at home I can view but can't post photos sigh, and lately with DH's hand me down laptop, I can't surf the net. Now I'm using his new laptop.

ok enough the tag
PROPOSITION : What is the meaning of your kid'(s) name(s)?
REQUIREMENTS : Write about what or how or why you gave the name(s) to your kid(s).
QUANTITY: 5 people
TAG MODE: Firstly you leave their blog and post link and add to the list below and secondly you let the blogger you want to tag know that he/she has been tagged by commenting in his/her blog or etc

1. Camillia- Flower, Pure

From the flower Camelia and also the Arabic world Kamil- Meaning Pure.
I chose the name as I like it. And DH agreed. He decide that the name should begin with c.

2. Camarina- ( Qamar) - moon

Actually I wanted Adriana-meaning-scale or something. I didn't want my kids to be stuck with an alphabet but DH vetoed it and picked out the name. Camarina first said she did not like her name, she prefers it to mean flower not moon.Too late. I told her that without the moon the night would dark and the is a rose called bluemoon and it smells heavenly ( we found at Cameron) and now she's ok with her name
2. Cqistina- justice
We wanted either Qaisara or Qistina. Later on agreed after DH pointed out it'll be similar to SIL Shila's No2's. When he came back from the Registration department I found C infront of her name. Dh wanted to maintain the C so Cqistina it is. I have to teach to tell everyone tha C is silent.

wait and see lor!!!***
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Now, who shall I tag? Here goes...

Lana- well child to be

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alamak we're still searching for our kid's name!! hehe tunggu ye lagi 3 bulan ^_^