Thursday, June 14, 2007

Magic of the Rainbow

OnSunday,10th June, we decided to go to Ikano to see Ellina, Barbie magic of the Rainbow. We missed the show the last time on account of reaching Ikano at 3.30. I thot I timed it well, we'd reached at Ikano at 3 but Dh had other plans- we had to go to Sri kembangan and a few aother stops and by the time we reached Ikano, it was 3.30 and Ellina being so punctual that she was, had left. This time around we had to take kakak and adik from Nini's at Ampang by the time we left Ampang it was 2.30. I insisted that we use the gombak way and reached there with 10 minutes to spare. So when Ellina went up the stage, I asked Qistina to go up. And the emcee asked her if she was no 3. Apparently they gave out numbers . Kesian my little girl. Qistina then had her arms "tatooed " on with sprinkles.

Luckily there was another session at 6, so we went to Borders and went there back around 5. By that time the queue was already long. At around 15 to 6, only the queue started to move. Kesian the girls- I bought them smoothies and magazines to read. The girls were no 28. Qistina couldn't wait to go up.

They had a dressing contest and asked around a few questions on the movie. One question was asked and only kakak put up her hands but the emcee couldn't see her and changed the question.

They went up the stage, posed with Elina and was given a signed drawn picture of Barbie , Ellina from the Magic of the rainbow.

Of course I couldn't help comparing it with Disney channels Cheetah girl's but then that was a one day thing and perhaps they have bigger budget then Ikano. The most important thing is the girls are happy.