Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cqistina's Birthday party part 2

By 4 something I panicked. Lana and Helmi came the earliest, then Din Mak Dah and family. Went up to change and down again making sure food are at the table. Epi and family came later, then Izreen and little Nadia, looking ever so cute, Mak B and Uncle M, and Mak M.

We sang the birthday song and suddenly Qisty cried, why? Terharu kot. Anyway at first I was a bit reluctant to cut the cake , slaving over it for a day and a half, but then I cut it anyway.

In the midst of sebuk2 tu, we forgot about the games prepared. DH bought some fishing rods as one of the games but by the time we were suppose to have the game -lunyai-broken. After cake cutting most of the kids dissappeared and then we suddenly remember the gold fish pinata ( made from orange plastic bag with pingpong balls as eyes- very creative (right!) of DH.

Qisty was happy, she has two more Barbie dolls to her collection. Thank you all for the pressies.


Helena said...

Meriahnya.... Mesti havoc with hyper kids kan? Hehe...

Minahsongeh said...

Betul tu! But fun tho!!
Thank you