Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hottest Race

I took a few days of from work in Shah Alam to work in Sepang. A bit reluctant at first as the first week of the month is always a busy month for us accountants. But I got off. Can't resist the lure of F1 , tho, I am just the secretary of meeting for the Porsche Carrera Cup, the support race. Usually I was just the assistant of Secretary for Support Race during F1- I have been the secretary of Support race for other events, like the Japanese GT or the Motorcycle Grand Prix and of course the Drag race, but for F1 this is my first time I was elected as the full secretary. My license was upgraded.

Yikes.. I 'll have to write about this later.. got loads of work to finish. And I have loads of photos to post on F1. This year I even got to go for Pit Walk. Yay!! but before the podium the battery of my camera phone was low- cannot take photos. I would have gotten close up pix of darling Kimi, Alonso and Hamilton.

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