Friday, April 20, 2007

Camarina's Birthday

Happy Birthday Camarina!! Adik turned 7 yesterday. On Wednesday, a day before, I went to Jaya Jusco bukit Raja. Kakak wanted to bake her a cake. We browsed the net and found a recipe on Mud cake. But then I thot.. well let's make it easier, why don't we buy the cake in a box. We've tried the Brownies in a box and it's so delicious.

So off I went to JJ. I contemplated between Sec9 Giant and JJ. Thot JJ's bigger and nearer. But not there!! They have everything else but choc cake. Went to Sect 7 to a delish ayam kampung shop for ayam percik kelantan style- one of my fav shop. No MSG!! Went to a small sundry shop next door , manalah tau kot ada. No such luck but they did have dried non GMO soy bits. So bought that instead. Accross the road, there was a shop selling baking things.. I 've been in the shop before, but only for a while, didn't browse only asked for gingerbread man cutter, which they didn't have. So this time I went from one aisle to another. Found lots of cakes/biscuit decorating thing - like roses, small stars, hearts , cute things. They have muffin mix, cake mix and bread mix. I bought the low GI bread mix. The also have dried herbs like rosemary, oregano, parsley, thyme -small size and large bags and it's cheaper than you find in the usual stores. I tell you you - probably can roast like a herd of lamb with the big bag. Couldn't find choc moist mix tho. So after work went to Giant.

Got home. Kakak baked the cake under my supervision. Turn out oklah tho could be better - I think because the baking tin was a bit to shallow. The cake was covered with melted cadbury chocolate, with strawberries, roses, M & Ms and candy coated hershey kisses.

Adik got barbie doll dresses from her Pak Ngah, watch and bracelets from her Mak Lang, music box, diary and dress from me, Diary- again- from Nini. A secondhand pink PDA called dollop or something ( dial up- kot) from DH.


Helena said...

Hi! Happy belated Birthday to Camarina!!I'm sure the kids had lots of fun baking their own cake....

Eda said...

Wah, bagus kakak bake kek untuk adik.

Zu, if you have the time please reactivate your subscription to our e-group. Baru today I noticed that your old email account had been bouncing. Sekarang dah guna e-mail baru ke?

Minahsongeh said...

Thanks helena.

OK eda