Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tahlil, doa selamat

Last Saturday we had a small tahlil for Dad. Thot I'd make trifle but when DH's ready, I was not and when I was ready he was nowhere to be found. Earlier thot we'd go to Carrefour. In the end we went to An nur and Aunty Helen's. Couldn't find Lady's choice jelly, so had to settle for Japanese Jelly and fruits. No trifle.

The tahlil, went well. Cousin kak yah made kebab, mee hoon goreng, salad, ordered capati. Delicious.


Spent the whole day glued to CSI. Went to Nagoya to buy materials for Sphia's coming birthday costume party. Couldn't resist buying fabric for myself, altho I still have lots of fabrics at home. Found Naqia shampoo, a natural shampoo with zafran. The shampoo passed my stringent test- no SLS or paraben, tea or dea, formalin.


Went to work. Not feeling well, Lethargic, sore throat and headache. After dinner worked on Qisty's costume. Nearly finished...just have to stick on some decoration on the top part of the dress.


Qisty's fever high. Finished medicine so had to go to the clinic. I was given Medical leave. BP quite high, mild fever...mmmm never have this problem , selalu low, even when pregnant. Dr said no sugar or salt. I don't take sugar, substituting it with stevia. But salt, perhaps, it is time to cut it.

Spent the day sleeping. Dh said he'd come back around 4, tapi at 5 still nowhere to be seen. While waiting, sewed adik's costume. Finished the costume but still no sign of him.

When to Mak z's house for doa Selamat, for uncle Y's surgery. Food delicious... Chicken korma, bread baked by Mak Z and stew.. May your surgery's a success Uncle Y.

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