Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sophia's bday

Sophia's b'day was on Saturday 17 March. DH had to work and I didn't want to drive all the way to Ampang. Actually I don't mind driving there, it's the driving back from Ampang at night that I hate. Dahlah rabun malam. I told DH I'd take the ERL to Bandar Tasik Selatan. At first he wants me to leave my car at the station as he had to leave around 7.30 and was he was skeptical if Qisty could wake up early. I reminded him - when we had to leave for Hongkong early, Qisty did wake up early.

So off we went. Qisty and me and pushchair plus a bag full of Qisty's things- milk, diapers, etc and another with costumes. From the ERL to Tasik Selatan, they have ramps and elevators - then we had to change to star LRT...,

I don't know why we have to climb up staircase and down again. Qisty took her bag which was quite heavy for her while I had to juggle between the push chair and another bag. Qisty insisted that I hold her hand- she is three plus after all - while going down the stairs. Now- of course everybody had to gawk at us. I remember whenever I go back to Malaysia for holidays. I always have a big bag and a hand luggage with me. Maneuvering them up and down the underground is next to impossible but there was always a kind soul who would volunteer to help. Here occasionally there are but rarely.

Next on the train. Qisty had to stand. I don't mind standing infact I prefer to stand than sitting down, but nobody offer poor qisty a seat. Buat tak nampak adalah. I remember once we took a train to Bukit Jalil from Nilai. Kakak had to stand and she was not well. After a while she couldn't stand anymore.

I told her.. When you grow up, please be curteous and offer old men/ women, children and pregnant women seats. The women around us started to laugh aloud and hey presto .. two very macho looking men gave up their seats for us. I declined, as I had no problem with standing. But they insisted. Hah!! people just have to be reminded every time.

Ok back to the Saturday in question... Mum had trouble crossing the double line so she was late. Should have stopped at Chempaka instead. Then went to Vitacare and stationery store- thot we'd make a card for Sophia.

Sampai rumah, asked the girls to get ready for the party. put on adik's Arabian princess costume. Adik and kakak were at my mum's for a week- so tak boleh nak fit betul2- luckily kakak's dress was ready made. She only had to wear Rapunzel hair made from knitting yarn and a tiara. Adik's tube was loose- it was tight on Qisty. So I had to use ribbons and stapled the top. Hehehe.. Qisty's mermaid dress was ok tho, I stapled too just in case.

Yikes can't post photos.

I went as the Wicked Stepmother Queen of Snow White with purple robe high colar and fake nails, Afiq as Harry Potter , Nana and Azri went as cowgirl/boy.

Reached there forty five minutes later- Sophia looked lovely in her Genevieve of the 12 dancing princess costume- Nadine was Cheetah girl, Sara- Pirate with a hook siap..and Daya was red riding hood. Nadia the cute fairy was there with princess mummy. Epi was Zoro and Shila was dressed as a clown. Saiful, Shila's bro, and family were there. Yani and kids were there- haq came as a clown later.

The party was fun, the kids enjoyed it. The best dressed girl went to Adik, for boy- Afiq, for daddy - haq and for mummy- yours truly.

Then we went to Epi and Shila's house. Izan and Lana came later. They wanted me to burst a baloon using nails but I couldn't do it so sis Ida took my hands and poked the baloon. One of my talons went flying. Later Lana glued it on and painted them all with different colours. Had to pull them off before Zohor prayers.

Fun party!!


Spent the day watching CSI. I rarely watch TV. I used to only watch CSI and Desperate housewives but now I have Grey's anatomy added to the list.

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