Thursday, March 22, 2007


I used to tolerate rudeness. My parents taught me well, never be rude and respect your elders. I constantly remind my children not to be rude, to think before opening their mouth and gauge whether what you are about to say will hurt anyone around you. Not difficult - just put yourself in that person's shoes. And membentuk buluh biarlah dari rebung.

But how do you react to rude people? Well sometimes gear slow sikit - my initial reaction is of course - like what? Am I hearing the right thing? Especially it coming from people older from you. Do they, being older have the right to be rude?

I have this whole bunch of cousins, who will blurt out things without thinking. As they all come from the same parents, I would assume that they are ' kurang di ajar' - well they do have a large family. I always cringe when visiting them during hari raya. Masuk rumah- salam all around, eat a biscuit or two- then off. A recent encounter with them reminded me why we spend so little time with them.

Instances - 1. You look fat now-

Hello- have they seen the mirror lately- she who looks like a double barrel of tong drum dare to criticise -

2. The patient in the next bed is dying- he looks pale- ( Loudly).
.Hello.... Anybody up there? Have some sensivitylah kan...

3. Eh bila nak kahwin ni.. dah berumur dah..Kawan2 semua dah kahwin awak bila lagi..

I could think of an equally rude reply ye.. Kawan- kawan saya dah kahwin- kawan2 makcik ada lagi?- but I was well brought up so of course I wouldn't.

Two nights ago, I had a vivid dream of my rude cousins. In that dream I thrashed what I wanted to say to their face. Stupid is one of them.. Please don't say anything further as what what you say seemed to indicate that hollowness in your head - is another.

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