Monday, March 26, 2007

Permata Negara


Spent the whole day at work. Adik and kakak followed and gave them a tour of the lab. Showed the specimens- uterus, colon etc. Had to finish a few things, went for late lunch- well early dinner around 5.30pm. The kids were hungry then. Kesian..


Made nasi lemak- well cooked the sambal part of nasi lemak. Rushed to RTM- Mak B hosted programme call Setiap Anak Permata Negara. Qisty's video was chosen as the most creative video.
Interesting, I've never been to taping of programme. Live somemore!! Wow!! Tabik Spring to Mak B. I'd probably freeze up. She's a pro. Nadia was equally a pro. She was the demo baby and even tho she was tired and sleepy, she didn't make a fuss. My kids would scream their head off if they couldn't get their nap time. The programme went

smoothly, given there were so many kids around.

After the programme we went to BIL Epi and Shila's house. Around 5 we head to Bagan Lalang, with Dad in Law in tow.
Told kakak, she couldn't go to Australia gold coast, ( she and adik were supposed to go with Dad in June- Ticket and accomodation paid for)- but to Sepang Gold coast she can go anytime.

Went to pat some horses and the kids played in the mud(?) , sludge? Anyway Qisty cried a few times- she was afraid of the jelly fish and the feel of sludge underneath her feet. After maghrib- we had steamed garoupa, tom yam styled smooth cockle like thingy- kepah, grilled stingray,sambal udang- oh so delicious!!

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